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The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for the Nintendo Switch


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I’ve made a petition – will you sign it?


Click this link to sign the petition:


My petition:

Force Bethesda to remaster The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for the Nintendo Switch


It's a basic human right that all people have easy access to The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. As the UK's most popular current console is the Nintendo Switch, making it available there is the best way to enable this. Government must lobby Bethesda to make this happen.


The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is the best western ARPG of all time, and it is important, both culturally and morally, that everyone has access to experience it. Bethesda has no version available for the most owned current console in the UK, and so the best and fastest way to enable this would be for them to develop the game for this platform.

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4 hours ago, Wiper said:

Can't believe you missed the seminal classic Redguard from that list!


(they're all still better than Fallout 4, at least)

Fallout 4 is barely an RPG and goes far, far below Oblivion if I were to include it.


And I was only listing mainline Elder Scrolls. Man, the drop in quality between Morrowind and Oblivion is still staggering. It's as if Capcom made Rise of the Robots right after Street Fighter 2 Turbo. They never managed to get anywhere near the level of Morrowind again with any of their games.

2 hours ago, deKay said:

Name ten better.

Just google a list of western RPGs and pick ten random ones.

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I really loved Oblivion back when it came out. On 360 even.


It had loading times that lasted minutes and often just crashed entirely. And there were so many bugs. I remember getting stuck on a bit of the main quest where the person I was supposed to protect kept dying instantly because he went into battle in his underwear. 


But I still loved it. Because I had never played a game like it before. To have this amazing open world to explore, all that freedom. Just blew my mind. 


I guess it is different when you played the older games before and you can see where they did a step back, but I always felt it deserved a bit more love. 

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9 hours ago, Hamus said:

I've been playing Oblivion on the series X tonight, through cloud!


So it's already available, switch not needed.


But I need to be able to play it on my Switch. In fact, everyone does. Basic human right.

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