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So I got the 360 on Nov 24th, 2007


2007 Crackdown 5 25

2008 COD4 MW 6092

2009 Fallout 3 8235

2010 Mass Effect 2 4320

2011 Dark Souls 2745  <- The greatest year in gaming. The GOAT was released.

2012 Skyrim 1710 <- I think bought a PS3 here, and played Dark Souls again, and Demon Souls again

2013 Spelunky 650 <- I think I got RROD here. 

2014 None 0 <- I got a PS4

2015 Thief 205 <- I got a Xbox One

2016 Peggle 2 2181

2017 Battlefield 1 545 

2018 Mutant Year Zero 626

2019 Overcooked 2 205


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6 minutes ago, TehStu said:

Did it include any Games for Windows stuff? I was just reading the wiki entry and forgot that was even a thing.

I don't think I installed any GFW titles on the PC. If I did, they would have been the High Seas version without the GFW stuff


I do remember playing FH4 on the PC though as I originally bought Game Pass for Windows only

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1 hour ago, TehStu said:

I do wonder how they're figuring out use of the OG Xbox

Not only did I create my gamertag on one, I played online loads and bought dlc - yavin station on KOTOR, halo map packs etc so there should be plenty of metrics.


Had my gamertag for 18 years!

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11 minutes ago, Down by Law said:


Yep! Nice to be back in the fold now though. 

Indeed. I like the way my have embraced the PC over the past few years. Means I don't need a console to join in the fun! Although can't play my old titles on the PC unfortunately. Ah well.

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I wouldn't even make it one of my top ten ever. Yet I've put an astonishing amount of time into it, and even then I'm pretty sure I'm something daft like 13th in all the people on my friends list for time played.


EDIT: 9th of 54 friends. 64 days, 16 hours and 7 minutes.


Number one has 196 days 3 hours 39 minutes.

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I love Deadly Premonition but something has gone a bit wrong with my profile somewhere. I played it on a One X, for starters. :lol:

Apparently my first game was Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts in 2014 as well, despite first signing in to XBL on my 360 in 2007. Not quite sure what's happened- N&B was the game that caused my 360 Elite's graphics output to finally melt and red-ring, after I'd played a few Halo games and some ungodly amounts of Lost Planet 2. Getting my console replaced by Microsoft must've screwed something up.

Edit: yep, the site has recorded only 1870 gamerscore for me since 2012. Nothing between 2012 and 2018 either.

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This seems to track pretty well.  There was always a core group of us at work ready to play L4D together in the evenings, and we were trying to get each of us to get the achievement for surviving all the campaigns on expert.  Which would often go horribly wrong at the last moment, so we must have played this for months on end, before doing everything and then doing much the same on L4D2, and then Borderlands.

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