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Site definitely isn't working right for me — the 'personal museum' section has me logged in as the wrong person, which is a little worrying. I now know more than I needed to know about somebody called 'Redmption Denied', who has a gamerscore of 2,749,305, which is pretty worrying.


(as and when it does work, mine will be quite incorrect too, as despite having had an Xbox at launch, I didn't go online with an Xbox console until a good way into the 360's life — and indeed the first few years I had access to a 360 it was via a housemate's console, and I never took that profile online, so its achievements etc. are lost to the ether)

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9 minutes ago, Boothjan said:

I DID have an original Xbox, but I don't think I ever went online with it

Same, very weird (in retrospect) to think I never wired it up to the internet. Also, the 360 on mine should have a little "unread messages" red dot on it showing I had 5, for reasons.




I'm thinking the kids have skewed the results, slightly.

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4 minutes ago, TehStu said:

I'm thinking the kids have skewed the results, slightly.


Yeah, same here.  Being a stats nerd, I'm annoyed that Fortnite and Overwatch are 2 of the 5 games I've played most.  I've never once played either of them myself!

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These stats aren't right for older machines. I picked up my 360 on launch day with Madden and... something else, I forget. I couldn't get Perfect Dark, though I asked Game for it. Definitely not "Sonic The Hedgehog 2"!  But the XB1 came with FM6, so that's correct. As is Minecraft for the XSX, as my kids have pretty much stolen it.


Actually, I just figured it out - TehStu was a new one I setup to move to the US, because you couldn't switch regions back then. So August 2008 "first sign into Live" makes perfect sense. 


Good grief, Minecraft is my most played game of 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2021. Kids! These stats are quite fun, Lego Star Wars is definitely my most completed game, I got to 96% and someone accidentally started a new save on that slot (very easy, the UX is terrible), so I ... got that far again. Fun times!

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Finally got mine working, missing all the early stuff as anticipated.




I do quite like that my 5 most played games are, in order:


Mass Effect

Mass Effect, again

Monster Train

Rock Band 2 Disc Games For Windows(????)

Rock Band




Such a wide range of taste I don't have :lol: In reality this reflects that I don't stick with any one game for long; ME:LE clocked in at about 70 hours playtime for me before I threw in the towel (ME3 is just soul-sappingly stretched-out into endless fanservicey episodes that I couldn't be arsed with finishing it a second time). ME1, by contrast, was around 60 hours - that was 4 playthroughs, back in the day. Great times.


I imagine if the original Xbox was tracked that Halo and KOTOR 1 & 2 would top this list instead, as being time rich and money poor as a teenager I put a lot of hours into those games. Halo 3 and Dead Rising might have snuck in as well courtesy of rinsing them while at university, if they weren't entirely played on a profile that never went online!

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I never went online with my Xbox, and skipped the last generation entirely(!), so mine is completely 360-focused:




Most played games look about right:




I was surprised that it says I have some rare achievements, even though the 360 didn't have those. Turns out those achievements are for the MS Solitaire Collection on Windows!


The museum says that the first thing I played on my 360 was Perfect Dark. It shows the box art as the Rare Replay version - but it was a standalone XBLA release back then! And although it was definitely the first XBLA game I played, I had thought that Halo 3 or Mirror's Edge were the first things I played on the console, and home to my the first achievements I got. (But I remember having disconnection problems back when I first got it, so it's possible that my very first achievements didn't register on this site because they don't have timestamps associated with them.)

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24 minutes ago, Harsin said:

Hmmm I noticed some telltale artifacts on some of the pictures, so decided to run one through some image cleaning software.






My secret shame exposed. I just love the cartoon boobies so much!

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