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Preorder Canceled! - What are the origins of this?


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I still say it from time to time, still find it a bit funny. I think it's because it's so nerdy.


Anyway, reason I bring this up is I want to know where it came from because in my mind it started on rllmuk in the early days of pre-orders coming with 'bonus gifts' within the games industry. It was like a funny backlash to that? Maybe I'm giving rllmuk too much credit here (it was probably stolen from Neogaf or 4chan).


If nobody is interested in the origins, we can always discuss if pre-orders are still as relevant etc

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Its often used in an ironic sense, such as a small throw-away feature not being present or it being one hour less to complete than the previous game in the series etc etc and the person saying it has no intention of cancelling said preorder.

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