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EDGE #365


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How spoilery is the Endwalker feature, in terms of giving away details about some of the earlier FFXIV expansions? I’m just finishing up the Stormblood patches and yet to play Shadowbringers. I’m worried the Endwalker piece in the magazine might give away plot details and the fates (lol) of certain characters etc from earlier expansions. Is that the case?

I really want to read it because I really want to get hyped up, yet I’ve managed to avoid all spoilers about the wonderful FFXIV plot up until now. Should I just save reading the article until after I’ve played through Shadowbringers (likely a mammoth beastly period of time playing)?


I can’t forgive Edge for an absolutely shocking megaton spoiler they casually dropped for The Last of Us Part 2 in their 2020 Awards article :quote:

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