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Unpacking - Out now on Xbox Game Pass, Switch, PC


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This is getting some chatter in the Game Pass thread but it's too adorable and lovely to not have its own thread (I did a search and didn't see anything I'll delete it if there's another).



It's a puzzle game about, yes, unpacking. I've already copped shit from my other half because I hate tidying and unpacking stuff but she doesn't do the house work, I do so I'll play what I bloody well like. Irony be damned.


There's also a narrative which, 3 levels in, is adorable and very clear given there's no text. It's ace.


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It is delightful. It is also very satisfyingly put together, I love the little bits of positive feedback when you place something down, and the really clean pixel art style. And the music. And the callbacks to previous moves. And how the boxes fold up when you empty them.


Bloody brilliant

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1 hour ago, Paulando said:

Noticed it on the Switch store earlier and thought it looked incredibly cute.


Do you think it would suit mouse and keyboard better?


Maybe, it's not particularly inelegant or cumbersome on pad, but the cursor still doesn't have the nippiness of a mouse. I don't see it as a problem personally.

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It works great with both a pad and mouse and the switch even has touch controls apparently. I went for a lunchtime walk and listened to the kinda funny games podcast and they were very enthusiastic about this. I thought to myself 'a game about unpacking? Really? how can it possibly be good?' then got home and tried it and yeah, it's addictive as hell. Just proof that games > real life.



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4 hours ago, Droo said:

I thought it was tedious and crap. 

Bit like tidying a room. 

I decided to have a quick 15 mins or so on it last night (yay for streaming). Thought the same for five minutes or so.


I can see how it draws people with the narrative and the game represents a journey many will relate to. Attachment to certain objects through life and changing times and responsibilities.


However find the game frustrating too as there is so much crap to unpack! I just want to bin most of it rather than set it down anywhere. Guess it's because over the past five years or so been decluttering quite a bit.

Also not quite sure why the game thinks putting things in certain places is wrong? 


Anyway like mentioned I think it's one of those chill out games you can engage with without too much thought which is good sometimes. Not sure I'll be going back to it though 

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Grabbed it for free after seeing the Eurogamer review, then completely forgot about it. (The blessing and the curse of Game Pass writ large). Will try to find time to give this a go though, because it sounded right up my street.

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Not quite finished it yet but it really is wonderful so far.


It’s a gentle, stress-free Tetris-like puzzle game at its core, but it’s far more than that. It tells a story through inanimate objects, with no characters or dialogue, and it’s full of lovely little touches. Some of my favourites:



Keeping to the one-room-to-a-box rule to an extent, before chucking any old shite in.


The DVDs/games are all real. Not figured them all out yet though.


The recurring objects. Some of them wear out over time, *sniff*.


Just all of the absolute tat that you accumulate over time and never get rid of.


It’s really hard to fit your stuff into a small living space, isn’t it?


Needing to fit your stuff around your flatmate’s belongings, but when you move in with a partner, you’re free to move anything around.


The certificate/qualification of some kind, which you eventually can’t put on the wall need to shove under your bed.


The work uniforms increase in volume, while the hobby-related items decrease, and it’s becomes difficult to find a place for them.

Please don’t think it’s just ’put shit anywhere’ simulator. It’s a very carefully constructed game, and I feel like I’ve probably missed loads already.

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This is absolutely lovely. Such a satisfying, gentle experience and the story-telling is exceptionally clever.


I particularly like the way it recreates that very specific experience of unpacking something and not knowing what the fuck it is. There was some yellow thing on the second level and I didn't have a clue what it was. Does it go by the toilet? No. On the bedside table? No. Kitchen drawer? Yes!! I suspect I'll be lugging this mysterious object around for years in the game, exactly like you do in real life.

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I find this very satisfying to play and slot things in but do find the items in a specific place thing a bit annoying.


It's not so much the concept but the choice of items, of course bog rolls go in the bathroom on the toilet roll holder but some of the items chosen just aren't clear what they are or why they go in a specific place, so it can be a bit trial and error.

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