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Retro Gamer 226 - Evercade


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Articles include

In Memory of Sir Clive Sinclair

Evercade Levels Up - looking at the new cartridges and VS console

The Evolution of Boulder Dash

Making of Microprose Soccer, First Samurai and Future Cop L.A.P.D.

DMA Design: The N64 Years

In The Chair: Steve Golson (programmer at GCC on Ms Pac-Man and the Atari 7800 console)

Minority Report - BBC Master

From The Archives - Nu Wave Software*

Whatever Happened To Maui Mallard 2

Retro Inspired - Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

plus lots more...



* this is my feature, will be posting some extra content on the RG forum and some video content on YouTube I will share here 

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17 minutes ago, Gabe said:

Does anybody even post on the Retro Gamer forum any more? The last time I went there, all the magazine threads are just people moaning about postage/lateness of delivery - nobody talks about the actual content.

No, not really. There's a few diehards but most have moved over to facebook groups etc.

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19 minutes ago, K said:

Just to say this was a really good issue. The features on First Samurai, Future Cop and the BBC Master were particularly enjoyable.

Excellent. Hopefully the cover won’t put off shop goers. Always a challenge putting newer stuff on the cover.

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A couple of videos to accompany my Nu Wave feature


A look at the three Nu Wave games I own in my collection (I don't have Deus Ex Machina for the MSX) and some gameplay footage:



(Note: this second video has accrued a copyright dispute for featuring music from Tubular Bells. Hopefully it will remain available for the foreseeable future, but it may have to be muted   )

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4 hours ago, phillv85 said:

Just finished my copy. Really good issue this month, I particularly enjoyed the chat between you at the end of the mag and the little Wii retrospective. 

I’m glad those are going down well with people. It’s nice to get a few more personal things in the mag.

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