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The Man Utd Thread


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2 minutes ago, Marlowe said:

Beautiful goal.


I was surprised Pogba was trusted tonight and that first half performance hasn't exactly proved me wrong. Hard to see how Donny could be doing any worse of a job in there. 

Pretty sure my 3 legged cat could be doing a better job tonight.

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If we hadn't had to make a sub already, Pogba would definitely be off as far as I'm concerned.  He probably should be anyway, as he's been a liability.


It is kind of funny that we changed to a back three and have had to abandon it after less than a game and a half because we don't have enough fit centre backs.  :facepalm:

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and the ref can fuck off too, book the cunts for blatant diving!"

christ i fucking hate european football, its so fucking full of cheating fucks. Play the game!!!

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It's obvious to say, but Ronaldo saved our sorry arses.  We didn't create a chance in the second half until Donny had a snapshot three minutes into injury time. I don't even consider Ronny's goal a chance. No-one else scores that, it's not even a half-chance.


The passing was atrocious. McTominay and Wan-Bissaka worked their socks off but kept fluffing short passes. I'm not just blaming them - the malaise even spread to Bruno and Ronaldo.  So many misplaced six-yard passes!  Then Matic came on and didn't give the ball away once. That was an excellent substitution. VDB and Sancho should have possibly come on earlier.  Sancho still looks a class act to me, I don't understand why he doesn't play. VDB just kind of got involved up the pitch and looked to inject a bit of energy.


We'd be struggling to make 3rd in the group for a Eurovision spot if it wasn't for Ronaldo.  He's just a one-man goal industry.

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