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The Man Utd Thread


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3 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

I reckon we're going to see Mata on for Matic, who looks tired. A central midfield of Pogba and Mata.  😬

looks like you called it lol


rashford started well!! ya know, being played in the right place ...

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3 minutes ago, teddymeow said:

I can't help but think where we'd have been if Solskjaer hadn't been given the boot.


Surely better than this cross?!

We were terrible at the end. 4-1 against Watford! Ralf has seemingly inherited a side who can’t be bothered.

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26 minutes ago, teddymeow said:

Sounds like Ronaldo is in trouble for knocking a phone out of a kid's hands at the end of the Everton game yesterday as he walked down the tunnel.


I've seen some footage and he does appear to give it a whack in a real temper.


Yeah if someone smashed my phone I'd be livid tbh. And then in his apology he offered for the kid to come to Old Trafford to watch a match, as though that will help. 


I think the kid was trying to film Ronaldo's cut on his leg, he was hardly getting in his face. 


At least it means it's less likely Ronaldo will be here next season, even the most positive about his signing must admit it's better for a lot of these big name players to not be here when a new manager arrives and has to establish his methods and system without compromising based on players available. 


I couldn't watch the game, based on the highlights at least Rashford looked lively and got into the box...based on players performing causing others to severely decline I expect De Gea to start throwing the ball into his net in the coming weeks. 

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Just watching the City vs Liverpool match (my girlfriend’s a Liverpool supporter) and the gulf between both these teams and us is frightening. We’ve got such a long way to go, it’s going to take years.


I should whisper this really, but I’m actually enjoying watching a match for once.

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3 hours ago, teddymeow said:

Sounds like Ronaldo is in trouble for knocking a phone out of a kid's hands at the end of the Everton game yesterday as he walked down the tunnel..


I think if he's able to get away with raping a woman he'll have no issues with this minor situation. 

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Just seen the Ronaldo thing. What a pathetic petulant child. As soon as he's gone the better.


He doesn't add to the team, takes up a massive amount of the wage bill,  and was bought so the fucken owning cunts could take yet more fucking money out of the club.


And apparently ten hag is demanding full control of the football side to come. Good. That's what we need. Of course, I doubt the glazers will give him that...

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To be fair to Ronaldo, I don't think you can say he doesn't contribute to the team when the only game we have won since mid-February was entirely down to him scoring a brilliant hat-trick.


Ten Hag is correct to demand control over signings, but unfortunately that's the reason we haven't heard about him being announced, I reckon. They're not willing to give him that. I don't expect him to be the new manager now.

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Why not though? If the main reason for the team never truly progressing is buying players with little idea of where and how they'll fit in..I get the commercial force of it too..but how many more big name players are there who haven't already gone through the club in the last 8 years who'd realistically come here? Is someone somewhere in the club thinking there's a possibility of luring Messi in the next few years? 


Still most players in Europe desire to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona. Every time Mbappe is linked with a move to Liverpool I can never believe it, despite them winning everything in the last few years and having one of the best coaches in the world.


I think hiring Rangnick as a consultant gives an indication they're seeking for more guidance from proper football people..and with Woodward leaving too will things be exactly the same as they were...surely not.


I think they know 4th isn't likely any more with Tuchel and Conte in the league. Say they considered Potter...can they really believe he'll finish above those two and Klopp, Guardiola over a season, given how poor the team is currently and how low the mood around the club is? Sure he might if they have a poor season. This comes up when the European super league is talked about, that business people can't accept uncertainties in football, and it's come up again with the Champions league place being given based on history. 


There might be no certainties in football but surely the most certain out of all the uncertainties is if you hire one of the top coaches in the world with a proven record of winning recently and when they're in their prime, and you just give them everything they need to succeed, then it's as likely as it will ever be.


I don't get the financial sense in spending hundreds of millions on players with the possibility the manager being unable to fit them in and get the best out of them...vs knowing a manager seeks a player because he has a firm idea of an overall plan. I think they'll realise just enough that the competition is just too high now to be able to succeed by compromising. 


I think they'll cede to Ten Hag's demands and he'll be announced in the next few weeks. 

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