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The Man Utd Thread


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This is an abysmal performance...again...

This team simply does not work, part of the problem is bruno and ronaldo together, one doesn't run back, one runs too far forward!


and matic has been terrible!


Take off the 3 of em! get Lingard, DVB, mata on. 2 players that can pass and play, and one with the energy.


The commentator said we havent scored from a set piece...after apparently hiring somebody...


And Gabzy is right, the entire back room needs to be gone with Ole!

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Said ages ago this club are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over without fundamental changes.


The number of ‘clear the air’ talks Ole is having doesn’t make a difference when this team are not performing, whether that’s down to the coaching or otherwise.


Ole keeps flip-flopping on systems, but still leaves the under-performers in the team. This collection of players should be doing much, much better and it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.



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Up until today it's all been about Ronaldo and Maguire stopping the team being compact, but this is far worse. Comfortably the worst half of the season, and the first time every player's shoulders are clearly dropped.


Course, they might bring Cavani on and turn it around, and everyone will spew out the always doing it the hard way tripe. Nothing would surprise me. The only constant is that the club is still a toxic mess, and a decent rebuilding job has been shafted by the ceaseless avarice of the owners.

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Just now, Gabzy said:

It hurts, it really does. I love that man and wanted nothing more than for it to work. But it just can’t go beyond today.


Narrator: It did.


Woodward won't sack Ole as his last act before standing down at the end of the year.  For that matter, the new Chief Executive won't want to sack him as soon as he takes over.

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