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The Man Utd Thread


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30 minutes ago, GamesGamesGames said:


Quoting this one for posterity. You're an idiot and I'm putting you on ignore.


Trying to think of the last top side that had a forward who contributed nothing defensively. Probably United 08, in which noted workhorses Rooney, Tevez and Hargreaves made it work for Ronaldo in an era where top sides didn't press from the front. Even the closest things to old-fashioned number nines (Lewandowski, Haaland, Silva, Immobile) work like bastards defensively nowadays. Which doesn't just mean dropping back, you utter dolt.


Still, to answer your question. Ten goals in four games you say?


















Now don't go complaining this team is wide open and would get hammered. Of course it would, but we're playing by your rules now.


The game has changed. Try watching it sometime. Toodle pip.



giphy.gif?cid=790b76110809f41304ac74bce3 Christ you're insufferable. Not once had you addressed your "ronaldo is terrible for the team" post.

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1 minute ago, Nicky said:

giphy.gif?cid=790b76110809f41304ac74bce3 Christ you're insufferable. Not once had you addressed your "ronaldo is terrible for the team" post.

At least he’s sort of recently stopped pretending he works for Man United or whatever it is he pretends to do.

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well to joing the madness  in here today!


This is what ole appears to BE doing...by football manger standards...even it sees there is a big fucking problem in the middle of the pitch!



and this is what it looks like he wants to be doing



although, he sometimes switches into panic mode and does this lol


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14 minutes ago, layten said:

This Moyes chap seems pretty good. You guys should see if you can sign him up.


shame it wasn't THIS moyes actually in charge of Utd at the time!

Or, hes better at getting a smaller club to punch above its weight! I mean, he had everton doing well for years, and now west ham!

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21 hours ago, Loik V credern said:

Why not? Guardiola and Klopp won't be in the league in probably 3 years time. Tuchel is saying he wants to stay for years but who is allowed to do that Chelsea and hard to see Conte still at Spurs in 3 years time. Whoever any of those are getting, they're not better than who they've got. 


Who knows, its just that sometimes it feels like we have the most inconsistent team in the world :wacko:

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As has been noted before, I think a lot of Ole's obvious failings as a top level manager have been covered up by the moments of brilliance from some of the individual players. United, institutionally seem unable to see the difference between what the manager brings and what the players bring despite the manager.


Something has changed a bit this season, there's an inbalance, more so than even before. The attacking players United had, they didn't need to sign Ronaldo, they needed to sign a couple of quality midfielders.

I'm not criticising Ronaldo, he's done as much as could reasonably be expected, but the team is very unbalanced now. 


Saying that though, given the talent they do have, top quality managers would be expecting to be able to challenge at the top of the table.


It's maddening that you buy a player like Jadon Sancho and then change to a 352 purely to cover for lack of a defensive midfield unit. 😅




Glazer/the board also seem to fire the managers when either based on two main criteria: If they can't get into the Champions League, or if the fans at the ground make it very obvious that it's time to change manager. With the former, that won't be clear for a while, the latter - they're always supportive of the manager (perhaps to a fault at times) and especially so with Ole.


The briefings around the club are pretty telling of how little plan they have, they seem purely reactionary to the last result. I fully expect United to beat Watford handily then get embarrassed by Chelsea and be in more or less the same state of uncertainty as we are today. 


I've no idea who'd they'd go for, I don't think they do either.

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2 minutes ago, spork said:

Donny not even getting a start against Watford <_<

I'd like to think he will be on in the 63rd minute... but then I like to think of ways I'll spend the money I win on the National Lottery each week, and that's clearly not happened yet either 😛

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Just now, feltmonkey said:

At least Sancho is playing.


I'd like to see DVB play, but you have to remember how bad he's been most of the time when he has played. Players always become better in the fan's minds the more they don't play.

True, but what’s Fred’s excuse then? Or Matic‘s for that matter? The thing is he genuinely can’t do any worse at the moment so why not give him a run of say 5 games? Then if it all goes wrong at least everyone can see he’s been given a chance.

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