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The Man Utd Thread


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2 hours ago, stephen129 said:

I still don't understand how Bruno's goal stood. Can someone explain it to be please?

2. Offside offence

A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by:

interfering with play by playing or touching a ball passed or touched by a team-mate or

interfering with an opponent by:

preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the ball by clearly obstructing the opponent’s line of vision or

challenging an opponent for the ball or

clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts on an opponent or

making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball


gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering with an opponent when it has:

rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar or an opponent

been deliberately saved by any opponent


Just go through those rules and see if any of them pertained.




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12 minutes ago, stephen129 said:


Does a fake shot not apply here?

I watched it before posting the rules. he doesnt fake a shot. Unless you're talking about when Bruno comes to kick the ball and he moves out of the way to not get in the way of an action that would cause him to be offisde?

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Winning the league from here after Arsenal have spent all season playing like champions would be the funniest thing. Of course City could just so easily go on a 13 game winning run from here and win the league anyway...


Kane has always been linked with Man United and I wonder if we finished second and won a cup and if we get new owners looking to make a marque signing whether that might be a more likely signing this summer. He's not much of a presser though so would Ten Hag want him? Bayern are also keen on Kane but think he won't want to uproot his family so will always look to another premier league club first. The Shearer goal record I think he could beat even if he left for 4 seasons and returned when he is 35 with 3 seasons to do it. But he wants to be an nfl player or something doesn't he so maybe he retires from football at 35. 


I think it's unlikely Conte stays on without guarantees and Kane would be mad either way to sign a new contract. Sell for £80m and rebuild seems likely to me. Or maybe Kane runs out his contract to give him the choice of any club he wants. 


Written all that but Man United aren't paying as much as Levy would ask for to have him for a season earlier. Neither Bayern. But with how Chelsea are spending stupid amounts every week maybe United are. The bigger question is just if he'd fit or like Haaland (who motd tbf showed him making good runs and his team mates not playing him in so him being peripheral is probably unfair if he's not trying to get on the ball and run) appear to make it mean everyone else scores less.


City brought out ridiculous scoring form from Gundogan and BSilva that seems extremely unlikely now. Or even De Bruyne scoring four against Wolves. That thing of having such a prolific striker that players feel less need to step up and score themselves. Kane scoring loads but the team being on a decline wouldn't be good, or the Ronaldo situation mkII. 


If Martial can't even be fit then a striker is needed, if one wasn't already. The Rashford form is exciting or satisfying but it's like the form of other players in the past, kind of surprise that he's being consistent for the first time in his career. It seems so precarious and temporary. You look at Antonio or Bowen or West Ham in general and think how they fallen so much from last season, or Salah's decline. Lingard being Maradona feels like forever ago. Players aren't eloquent or insightful about the mysteries of better form, asked when catching their breathe after a match. Maybe just a hundred different things, confidence, happiness. 

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Still absolutely buzzing.


If Spurs win today and if we win in midweek and if we win at the Emirates next Sunday we’ll be level on points with top of the league Arsenal!

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Can we give huge credit to Wan Bissaka as well? He’s gone from not having a hope in this team to being a serious challenger for Dalot’s place.


I mean look at this from yesterday:


Different player! And it was his silky skills that set up the Bruno goal. Great turnaround in his career, fair play.


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INEOS is Jim Ratcliffe's company, isn't it?


Some "journalist" on twitter was claiming that the club has already been sold to Dubai earlier.  We're going to be wading through lakes of horseshit looking for nuggets of truth until the sale actually goes through, I guess. That's not to say that the news about INEOS is horseshit - that seems to be getting reported fairly widely, and seems to have some credibility.

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2 hours ago, milko said:

Yeah. He's got his 'probably evil' creds in early by getting wrapped up in a 'using charity funds to pay for a fancy ski lodge' scandal.


There's no such thing as a non-evil billionaire.  At least he hasn't chopped up any jounalists in that ski-lodge, as far as we know.  He was also very pro-brexit, of course.


He's the popular choice because he's supposedly a fan, although he holds a Chelsea season ticket.

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its smartly an INEOS bid though isnt it. a company with 60bn profit per year and fourth largest chemical company in the world. Doesnt seem to be a pure pet-project of Jim's.  Could still see them being shirt sponsors with away being the Grenadier logo like Sharp Viewcam!

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I expect some of the other bidding groups will go public too soon now that Ratcliffe has. 


He/they seem gone early to garner a bit of fan support? 'The local fan', relatable billionaire option (:rolleyes:


I don't know what kind of owner he'd be, but it seems way preferable to a Bohley or petro-state. United don't need lots of money pumping into them in the way City etc did, they're pretty self sustaining once the debt is cleared and they're not making payments to owners regularly.


Clear the debt, allocate money towards updating the facilities, the women's team etc, hire the right people to run the football side and stay out of the way/enjoy the show would be the ideal!

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Could be interesting then!


1 D De Gea

29 A Wan-Bissaka 19 R Varane 6 L Martínez 23 L Shaw

18 Casemiro 14 C Eriksen

21 A dos Santos 8 B Fernandes (c) 10 M Rashford

27 W Weghorst



2 V Lindelöf 5 H Maguire 12 T Malacia 17 Fred 22 T Heaton 28 F Pellistri 36 A Elanga 39 S McTominay 49 A Garnacho Ferreyra

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