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The Man Utd Thread


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Indeed. Although some of what he said (from quotes on Twitter, no way I’m tuning into Piers fucking Morgan) clearly needed saying re: state of the club and the facilities. Whether the Glazers will give a crap is a different story.

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Re: Ronaldo, it's a bit of an odd move to do this in this way to be honest, but shows how desperate he is to get away.


I think he's basically telling the truth. I'd read things over the past few months saying that Ten Hag and the coaches had wanted him gone and replaced, but that Joel had shut it down, for reasons.


I remember there being chat the previous summer that the signing had been very divisive and Woodward/Glazer led rather than by the football side of the club.


It doesn't make sense for him to be in this squad, it's not a good fit for his careeer or for Ten Hag's rebuild. 


They shouldn't have brought him back (for very good non-footballing reasons!), they should have let him go for free when he asked in the summer and they should now let him go for free in January.

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