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The Man Utd Thread


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33 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

I spent the Summer in Portugal and most of the reports there were that  Sporting were very keen and an agreement basically reached with Mendes, but Glazers put a stop to it.

Mendes was trying to get him a move to a top CL club. It got to the point where Bayern, Dortmund and others publicly came out to say they didn’t want to sign him.


Chelseas new owner wanted him but Tuchel vetoed it.


Sporting were interested but they were pretty much the only club Ronaldo came out to say he had no intention of joining but nearer September it sounded like he might end up there until their manager (or owner?) came out and said they weren’t interested.


There were also rumours of top clubs in Italy as well as Atletico being approached with only Napoli being potentially interested.


That’s what I remember reading in the summer at least!

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This is all a storm in a teacup.  As it happens I have obtained a partial transcript of an interview with Erik Ten Hag that explains the whole situation. I'll post it here, but nobody is allowed to leak it anywhere else, okay? I don't want the press getting hold of this.



Geoff Shreeves: Erik, I know you'd rather talk about the performance on the pitch, but I have to ask you about the Ronaldo situation...

Erik Ten Hag: It is nothing. There is no story here.

GS: What happened? Can you tell us why he left the bench early?

ETH: It is really nothing. Can we talk about the match?

GS: Did he ask permission to go early?  Have you spoken to Cristiano since the match?

ETH: You aren't going to let me talk about anything else are you? Okay, I will tell you. He went for a...  I think you call it a shit.

GS: But were the other players upset? There are reports he didn't participate in the post-match celebrations.

ETH: No, he was having some difficulty. He participated in as much as we could hear him through the bathroom door. We could hear him over the conversation in the dressing room. I never thought I'd want Jesse Lingard's fucking boom-box back, but we missed it last night I can tell you. Yes, everyone was upset.

GS: And we've been hearing that he left the stadium before the final whistle.

ETH: That is incorrect. He was the last one out. We had to wait on the bus for him. Eventually we heard a shout of "Siiiiuuuuuuuu!" and he came out.

GS: I see. So why is he not in the match squad for the Chelsea match?

ETH: He's pulled something. That can happen to the older gentleman, unfortunately.

GS: I know, I've not had a normal one for ten years. Moving on from that, can you give us an update on Harry Maguire's surgery to reduce the size of his massive fucking head?

ETH: It was not a success. It is twice the size it was before. 





Sorry. I'm really tired.

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On 19/10/2022 at 22:14, spork said:

Against any other goalie he would have scored a couple. Lloris was immense.


I never feel confident Rashford will score when has a good chance. He's not really a clinical finisher. I think if he added that ruthless goal scoring that other great strikers have, he'd be incredible. As it stands it feels like there's a lot of potential, but he needs to start improving quickly. He's not 18 anymore.

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Not far off full-strength, that team. If we need a goal and have to make an attacking substitution, there's only Garnacho and Pellistri available to come on. If Rashford gets injured, I have no idea who would play up front.


Anyway, I think we're going to come back down to earth with a bump today. I'd definitely take a draw.


Edit - I missed Elanga!

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What is wrong with Sancho? He could be having a big effect on this sort of game, as his one-on-one skills and the way he likes to play intricate passes should be a good match-up against this Chelsea defence, but he keeps making basic errors. He's played a five-yard pass that went straight to a Chelsea player, failed to get himself onside during a good break, and just now was on his heels resulting in him not getting to a really good pass in behind the right centre-back. He put in one good cross earlier, but we need more from him.

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At Dortmund, he thrived with a really gung-ho attacking full-back constantly running past him and helping create space for him. He also had Haaland in the centre requiring the attention of at least two or three defenders. As well as this, they would have midfielders streaming forward. It all meant he had a lot more time and space to do stuff. For us, he gets in tight spots and tries to shift the ball back and forth between his feet before passing it backwards to Shaw. It's going to take some thinking to really unlock him, I think.


Holy shit Antony crossed it with his right foot!

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