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The Man Utd Thread


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What a brilliant half of football. Everton have been decent, and scored a great goal, but we've stepped up, played really well, and scored two lovely goals of our own. That bit of play by Casemiro for the second was exactly what we bought him for. Won it back, and immediately played the killer pass. Absolutely brilliant.


Bruno and Eriksen have linked up really well, and already look to have a great understanding. 


The only turds in the ointment have been the injury to Martial, which is absolutely gutting, and the seeming competition between Dalot and Lindelof to see who will be the first to give Ten Hag a heart attack.

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4 minutes ago, Gabzy said:

What a bullshit reason to take that goal off Rashford.


Remember that match last season where the guy stuck out his arm and controlled the ball with his hand before taking a shot which was turned in by a team-mate? That's fine, but The ball ricocheting off Rashford's arm in a 50-50 challenge five seconds before he put the ball in is disallowed, simply because no-one else had touched the ball. 


I understand that that is the law as written, but it really shows how the FA have got themselves into a tangle over the handball rule. To illustrate further, if Rashford had put his foot on the ball on the line and let Ronaldo put it in, the goal would have stood. It's become a nonsense.

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Great win, and a hugely entertaining match.  The end of the match was massively tense, but I enjoyed the spectacle of Pickford coming up for not one, not two, but three corners!  He nearly got on the end of two of them.  The defending was good though, last ditch blocks, Shaw and Verane winning vital headers, De Gea making a great save, and even the last block from Rashford, charging down Iwobi's shot. Bruno just made reference to that last block in his interview, actually.

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we just cant pass through teams at all can we!?!


time for a daft statement fro me then, but, i actully think DvB would work better than Bruno, as he does the "pass and move" thing for better than Bruno, and combined with Eriksen, Antony and Sancho, who also do that, we would link play better than Bruno...imo obvs


edit: of course that happened after i wrote that 🤣

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