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The Man Utd Thread


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1 hour ago, Nicky said:

never really rated Jesus, but fuck what i'd give to swap him for rashford. he looks such a fucking animal. he's doing great


This one didn't age well.  :D


Two goals and an assist for Rashford today. He's on his way back to his best. Not there yet, and I think he's still better off the left, but it's great to see him looking like a player again.

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56 minutes ago, spork said:


I bet it's more when he has solid instructions in a proper system he will follow them through exactly, but when it's more vibes based he's a bit lost.


Yeah, I think this might be very true, and true of one or two others as well, such as Sancho and Rashford.  Ten Hag is known in the Netherlands as a tracksuit manager, all about working with the players on the training ground and giving them specific instructions and a way of playing. He's likely to improve the players.  If he can get more out of the players we have, that's very encouraging. Having a five-time Champions League winner breathing down his neck for his place in the team must have focussed McTominay's mind as well though.


We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. Four wins on the bounce, some good football being played, passion being shown, two big rivals sent packing, this is all great, but there will be downs as well as these ups. We might lose the next three, we don't know. The important thing is to keep on an even keel. It wasn't as bad as it seemed after Brentford, but it's not as good as some of us want to believe right now.  We're on the right track and looking good right now, and we seem to have made a very good managerial appointment. There's still much to do.  Top of the list is prising the leeches off the club.

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"Arsenal battered United" take doesn't really hold up under an XG of Man Utd 1.47 to Arsenal 1.52.


I'd like to see us dominate possession more at home, but as Ten Hag acknowledged after the game it's early days for this team/coaching set up and there's a lot more work needed before we're in a position to dominate big games for long spells.

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They had 16 shots but only 3 on target. We had 10 shots and 6 on target. They can have all the possession in the world but if they can't do anything with it then 🤷‍♂️ At least it was nice to see how easily Arsenal crumbled against any sort of proper opposition and that their master tactician had no idea what to do other than play a high line with his slow defenders against Rashford and co :lol:

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List of United best ever players, top 50:




Number one is hard to dispute if you look at it. Keane too low.


List in spoilers:


1. Giggs

2. Charlton

3. Best

4. Robson

5. Cantona

6. Law

7. Edwards

8. Schmeichel

9. Rooney

10. Scholes

11. Ferdinand

12. Ronaldo

13. Keane 

14. Beckham

15. G. Neville

16. Byrne

17. Taylor

18. Irwin

19. Foulkes

20. Van Nistlerooy

21. Stiles

22. De Gea

23. Violett

24. Vidic

25. M. Hughes

26. Buchan

27. Bruce

28. Evra

29. Whiteside

30. Pallister

31. Van der Sar

32. Solskjaer

33. McClair

34. McGrath

35. Coppell

36. Crerand

37. Carrick

38. ‘Billy’ Whelan

39. McIlroy

40. Ince

41. Albiston

42. Cole

43. Yorke

44. Kidd

45. Dunne

46. Stam

47. Carey

48. Pearson

49. Gregg

50. Sheringham


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The descriptions of Keane as a footballer focus far too much on his aggression and tenacity, yes this was a big part of him but they never mention just how much of a good footballer he was, brilliant touch, fantastic range of passing and an ability to be in the right place at the right time coming in from midfield.

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