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The Man Utd Thread


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1 hour ago, feltmonkey said:


Our team last season seemed to be mentally very weak.  Strange consideration how often we came back from losing positions the season before, but every time things went against us last season, heads dropped and players disappeared out of the game rather than trying to fix it.  I think Ralf Rangnick instilled this mentality with his repeated criticism of the players and refusal to admit fault himself.  He was like a professorial Frank Lampard at times.  


They were pretty weak before Ralf came along weren't they? Pretty much our whole English contingent were since the Euros at least.

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1 minute ago, Gabzy said:

Unpopular opinion I’m sure, but am I the only one who finds Sancho a bit frustrating? Yes he’s scoring goals but I don’t find his overall play that effective/exciting.


I think you can say that about any of the front three at the moment.

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I think going to the diamond (square?) Is a good idea, but there's a conundrum up front. We need Ronaldo on. Take Rashford off, and Sancho's intelligence could create something for Ronaldo, but you lose the ability to run in behind, which might be out best chance of scoring the second.  Leave Rashford on and take Sancho off, and you have the problem that Ronaldo and Rashford can't play together. Ronaldo will not play Rashford in, and Rashford always shoots rather than pass to Ronaldo.

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