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Hidden Sega Saturn emulator inside Nintendo Switch Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute

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Game developer city connection has just released cotton Guardian Saturn tribute for the Nintendo Switch that also includes Cotton boomerang and guardian force on the same cartridge. But what’s great about this release is that it also includes a hidden full-fledge Sega Saturn emulator!





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So it's been discovered that this emulator is almost certainly a Nintendo Switch version of the emulator SSF, that also explains the input lag as SSF is known to have an issue with it. Tweet from Saturn Memories about it: https://twitter.com/SaturnMemories/status/1447344421486407680


SSF source code was put up on GitHub for a bit before the author removed it. SSF is certainly one of the best Saturn emulators out there, but it's still not perfect. Least we are beginning to finally see Saturn games get re-released more.

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So I got this working quite easily. My own dumbness meant I didn’t think it was working when in fact it was.


I’m playing the T&E SOFT golf games and there are no problems, and no lag. No need to resort to overclock.


Stopping the shot meter would be a nightmare with lag. I played 18 holes of Waialae no Kiseki and got a respectable score.


Impressive emulator performance on Switch!



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