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Retro Gamer 225 - Super Monkey Ball


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Lots of great stuff this issue

Super Monkey Ball

Theme Park

Rhythm Action Games


Chuckie Egg

Nodes Of Yesod

Maui Mallard

Strictly Limited Games

Mortal Kombat II



Nitro Ball

Super Smash Bros

And lots more retro goodness.





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20 hours ago, Ketchup said:

Looks like a great issue, and a making of theme park, yes please! Although I’ve had an email saying this months issue may take time to arrive so hopefully the wait isn’t too long.


I had the email 30 minutes after the issue popped through the letterbox 😜


Great stuff in there, the Maui Mallard stuff was fascinating to learn about and Theme Park is an all-time classic.

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The Theme Park article reminded me that when Demis Hassabis left Lionhead to form Elixir Studios and develop Republic: The Revolution he wrote a monthly column about it in a games magazine, can anyone remember which one? I bought too many mags back in the day and can't remember.


EDIT: Forget that request, it was EDGE and just found a site with it all in a single Word and TXT file :)



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