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Babylon 5 reboot


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  • 2 weeks later...

With my rewatch finished I just couldn't leave Crusade alone.  I'm not sure if I watched them all originally via Lovefilm.


It's wobbly as hell, the music is dire in places but the last five episodes (which were shot before TNT nobbed around) makes me wish it hadn't been cancelled.  Syfy wanted to pick it up but didn't have the budget in '99 to do so. 🙄

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1 hour ago, monkeydog said:

Looks like the remake is on hold for another year.  The CW is up for sale.  Depending on who buys it, we may or may not see a pilot in 2023



No bad thing. Gives JMS longer to polish the script and get thing potentially lined up.  Also gives the covid situation time to settle. Besides being I’m not sure they can top the original aside from effects. 

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I actually find myself wondering about the effects more than much else. While there is obvious attachment to the original portrayals of characters / story arcs etc, it is sort of expected that reboots put their own spin on these. It's inherently unavoidable; you wouldnt want them to be exactly the same even if it were possible.


With visuals it's a bit different, all bets are off - obviously fidelity today is way better, but what they do with deisgn is anyones guess. If they wanted, they could pretty much replicate the design from the original, just higher detail. I doubt they'd do that either, but it'd be interesting to see how far they go considering the originals were pretty bloody iconic. Maybe not to the same degree as anything star wars, but it'd be like redesigning the battlestars for the bsg reboot (and now the reboot of the reboot whenever that comes out). IMO the starfuries are pretty much untouchable but a talented team could really go to town on some of the capital ships.

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On 04/02/2022 at 09:11, davidcotton said:

No bad thing. Gives JMS longer to polish the script and get thing potentially lined up.  Also gives the covid situation time to settle. Besides being I’m not sure they can top the original aside from effects. 


I'm still watching the show (approaching the end of S4) and there's so much stuff they could do a billion times better this time around. You have to get into the mid-90s mindset to appreciate B5 now, and it's a bit of a culture shock for a few minutes at how far TV production has moved on since then before you settle into it. Sets, camerawork, direction, scripting, FX - it could easily be as much of a difference in quality as between the old Battlestar Galactica and the reboot. Imagine B5 feeling like a lived in, real place rather than a collection of slightly dodgy sets and bluescreen. TV is so much better now at making it feel much more like you're 'there'. It's a massive shame that they couldn't just time-travel the cast through to now and make it again, but I assume that there won't be as much of a stage play feel in places - and if there is, then modern production techniques will help. JMS will likely make the tone of the show more contemporary in terms of how the dialogue is scripted. If he doesn't, the remake will feel out of time in a very weird way indeed. I also expect things to not go the same way in terms of the plot. For starters, Sheridan is meant to be there from day one this time. I'm expecting Boxleitner to play his father or grandfather!


Here's the text of JMS's latest from the earlier link:


I will be posting a link to this shortly so that other online folks can get the news, but wanted to let Patrons here get the word first, even if only by a little bit. 

Anyone who knows the history of Babylon 5 knows that the path of this show has never been easy, and rarely proceeds in a straight line. Apparently, that has not changed.

About a month or so ago it was announced that the CW Network, B5’s home for the last year while the pilot script was in active development, was up for sale. When news of this broke, the immediate question was: will this have any effect on B5? Situations like this have a way of upending development because new owners usually want to put their imprimatur on what programs go forward. Like everyone else, I’d hoped there would be no immediate impact, and that progress on the project would continue onward unabated.

A few days ago, I heard from inside Warner Bros. that there were a number of High Level Conversations taking place with the CW to determine how many pilots, and what sort, could be picked up during this transition, especially given pre-existing deals and commitments. This made sense given the preceding paragraph, but I remained optimistic.

Today, about an hour ago, Deadline Hollywood announced the slate of pilot scripts being picked up for production by The CW. Babylon 5 was not on that list.

When a pilot script is not picked up to production, 99.999% of the time, that’s the end of the road for the project, the script is dead.

However: shortly before that piece was published, I received a call from Mark Pedowitz, President of The CW. (I should mention that Mark is a great guy and a long-time fan of B5. He worked for Warners when the show was first airing, and always made sure we got him copies of the episodes before they aired because he didn’t want to wait to see what happened next.)

Calling the pilot “a damned fine script,” he said he was taking the highly unusual step of rolling the project and the pilot script into next year, keeping B5 in active development while the dust settles on the sale of the CW.

Here’s the bottom line:

Yesterday, Babylon 5 was in active development at the CW and Warner Bros. for fall 2022.

Today, Babylon 5 is in active development at the CW and Warner Bros. for fall 2023.

That is the only difference.

Would it have been wonderful if we’d gotten the green light today? Absolutely. Of course. But it seems we will have to wait a little longer. What matters is that the project is still very much alive, and when the time is appropriate, that window will give B5 fans the opportunity to express their passionate support for the series to the new owners of the CW.

As noted above: the road to Babylon 5 has never been easy. But the good news to come out of today is that the road is still very much intact.




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2 hours ago, Eighthours said:

I assume that there won't be as much of a stage play feel in places


Assuming it gets made, if there aren't at least some scenes set in an almost entirely black stage I'll be slightly disappointed. :)


Even though they're quite expensive, the set construction in modern shows can be pretty amazing.  Lost in Space and The Expanse have some great sets.  LED lighting didn't even existing back in '94 either, and that's a huge change.


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Listening to Straczynski's autobiography, Becoming Superman, at the moment.  I'm only on his childhood, but bloody hell.  How anyone comes out of that with the mortality his writing demonstrates, well, I've no idea. A slight editing and you'd easily be reading the origin story of a serial killer or working class Tory MP.

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17 hours ago, davidcotton said:



I hashtagged. Seemed rude not to. This project unfortunately seems doomed, though. Either it'll be cancelled completely even before the pilot, or the pilot won't go anywhere, or the series will be subjected to budgetary constraints and interference, and end up on a shit network. The golden scenario of it ending up on HBO Max after the CW deal seems a long way away now.

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I've removed much of the content from this Facebook page - primarily anything to do with re-renders of the CGI for the various episodes, and as I know a lot of fans of the show were really enjoying them I thought I better explain why.

As you can see from the attached image showing PART of an e-mail conversation, I was in contact with Warner Brothers earlier today after they requested that a couple of video clips on Youtube as well as a couple of posts here on Facebook be removed on copyright grounds - which is fair enough they are / were infringing copyright and I always knew something like that could happen.

What I was curious about was why did they put copyright strikes on only a couple of them - was there something specifically wrong with them - especially as I'd known for over a year that WB was fine with the uploaded clips as they'd reviewed them and cleared them for use on Youtube.  I've known for years that studios very rarely do anything to curb what fans do UNLESS someone approaches them and complains directly to them.  

Normally it's someone who has purchased a license from them and some fan activity or other could effect their business.  A company licenses the rights to make Jane hats from Firefly for example, and they discover a fan is also making them and since they're spending tens or hundreds of thousands of Dollars for a license they're not exactly happy that a fan is doing the same thing for free so ask the studio to send a cease and desist - which of course they do, the fans think the studio are being dicks and the world keeps on turning. . . . 

But the fact is ninety odd percent of the time the studio only takes action after someone approaches them . . . . . . and that's what happened on Youtube and here on FB as well.  Joe Straczynski REALLY doesn’t like being called out when he says stupid things

So his solution is to silence the person saying it.  I don't follow him on twitter so he can't block me (as he does with others), and he can't unfriend me and block me from posting on his pages on FB (again, as he does with others), so instead he tries to get WB to do it - and I'm not the first btw.  Well good luck with that Joe (and I know you're reading this). ;)

The irony is that Straczynski is saying copyright infringement, derivative, etc.  But at the same time he actively supports a group of individuals called B5Books who he's worked with in the past, and who have also put out huge volumes of unlicensed material for years, way more than I ever have or would.  

The difference between B5Scrolls and B5Books (the Scrolls predates B5Books btw), is that they charge large amounts of money for the unlicensed printed material they produce, put their website full of unlicensed material behind a paywall, and have a VERY pro-jms approach to what they do. . . . . . . . So of course, Straczynski won't be reporting them to WB any time soon. 

B5Scrolls and all the bits and pieces produced is a bit more neutral and, of course, is free as it's produced by a fan for other fans and you don’t even have to call me captain Tom (seriously wtf is that all about). :). . . . and as WB has now confirmed (though I always knew this) the website is covered by fair use and even though (as they put it) Joe Straczynski would prefer the "entire project be suspended",  WB will not try to do something like that unless they really have to or to put it more plainly, unless Straczynski complains to them hard enough (you see, unlike what you've been told WB being the big bad isn't the reason why there's no fan films, audio dramas and the like).  As for the other stuff like the re-renders, well yeah, I was pushing it a bit with those but I always acknowledged that from the first day I posted something. . . .and, as it turned out, WB was in fact fine with the renders until Straczynski contacted them.

In a nutshell  this is what has been going on with  . . . . . I don't want to call it the fandom, because those behind it aren’t fans but instead view us as something to be exploited, controlled, befriended, and spoon fed myths over and over and over again, almost word for word for decades now.  

It's all nice and friendly on the surface as long as you stay in line with the "Great Makers" narrative - it's a highly lucrative one for both Straczynski and his friends over at B5Books, but as soon as you start to question that by injecting a few facts, or give credit to those who actually deserve it,  then the knives come out Behind the Scenes . . . . . And since this page is called Babylon 5 Behind The Scenes I guess this comes under the remit. :)

As for WB, I'm appreciative that they resisted Straczynski's calls to have everything closed down, I imagine this post will increase those calls from him, so who knows it might still happen.  One thing's for sure though.  There will now be an update to the Scrolls some time this year. 

Jesus, it's all kinds of sad when I think about this, and I'll admit he's pissed me off a bit with doing something like that . . . hiding behind WB . . . AGAIN.  His need to control the B5 virtual landscape is so intense, he'd want years of work wiped out, information not available anywhere else not to be shared with the shows fans, because I called him out on his character assassination of someone who isn't here to defend himself. Oh and there was that other post last year where I pointed out there was no hi-res scans of the CGI when he kept insisting there was.  I guess stuff like that is B5Scrolls, and my, real crime here. 

BTW, if you find this sort of think interesting, I'd suggest sharing this one and taking screen shots - posts like this tend to vanish. ;)

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For all we know the "fan" could have been posting enough shite at JMS on Twitter that he got annoyed and decided to get WB to take their content down in response.


Or from using Twitter extensively it gave JMS brain worms just like it eventually does to anyone else who uses it regularly for a long period of time.


None of which we know, because literally none of that information provides the most important crumb to actually interpret any of it: context.


The moral of the story is: don't use Twitter.

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