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Guardians of the Galaxy (2021) - It's really Groot!


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5 hours ago, dreamylittledream said:

Bloody Steam unlock times.


Got my code from CDkeys early this morning but the app doesn’t unlock until 5pm and the preload was only 21gb so still will have another 50gb to download.


Not much chance of playing today methinks.


Well turns out it only needed to download another 25gb (Steam compression or something because the install size is 76gb).


Anyway I'm going in

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This is something special. Storytelling, writing, direction, characterization, it is up there -if not better- with any industry heavyweights. The writing and acting particularly is movie level quality.  Fast, witty, emotional, wow…

Also, it looks incredible in quality mode (Series X) and is perfectly playable with 30fps (they feel quite smooth).


Battle system is fun and can be quite tactical, especially when you tweak some settings. Leave difficulty on normal but put enemy damage on high and raise cool downs (I have them on 1.3).

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5 minutes ago, Quest said:


I assume it's 'Rocket' or they missed an open goal there.

It was Rock Rock.  So close!


In other news, "hey, let's put a photo mode in our game, but completely ignore when someone inverts the Y axis"


Fuck. ing. twats. 🤦‍♂️

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1 minute ago, Nosejam said:

Getting some serious GOTY vibes from @Thor

:lol: My grumbles aside, they've nailed the feel of the Guardians. And this game is actually pretty damn funny, I haven't laughed this much playing a game for a while. :)


Combat is serviceable so far. 

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I like the presentation of this game (so I should, it's a Marvel game with a, what, 5 year dev cycle?), but the gameplay's not really clicking.  Combat and non-combat controls are pretty clunky for a AAA budget game from an IP of this prestige, pacing's somewhat off, and it's a bit buggy as well.  I'll clear it for the story and pretties but I can't see myself going back once it's done.

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1 hour ago, Yuujiin said:

All I can say his bedroom at the start has took me back to my youth. Ian Livingston books forgot all about them.

The same Ian Livingstone who at one points was Eidos CEO, and this game is by Eidos (sort of). Kind of a funny Easter egg


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You would have thought that Hanging Tough by NKOTB would make such good combat music.

Drax is as deadpan as ever. I like all the chatter from  the Guardians. 

This is like Uncharted the space edition in how it plays except the combat. That is a bit like FF7 remake.

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Ok this is flarking amazing.


Just finished Chapter 6:



Just had the interaction between Quill and Drax on Know here about their families. 


Incredibly powerful and sensationally delivered. 


People can whinge about the combat all they like, but the narrative and performances are fantastic. 


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