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Get in the Car, Loser!

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I'm sure I wrote something about this a couple of years back but I can't find it now.



She said "GET IN THE CAR, LOSER! I know you're not up to anything this summer, I've got the Sword of Fate, and there's an ancient evil that needs to be sealed away."


After years of waiting this is out now free!






Plus, if you pay $10 for the game, the adventure continues in BATTLE ON THE BIG BOARDWALK, an all-new story chapter playable at any point in the game from act 2 onwards!


Worth a look for the pixel art alone!

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2 hours ago, Doctor Shark said:

What a dreadful song in that trailer 


Yeah, it's not a great mix in that trailer. I've heard the music in the game is pretty good, I'll find out shortly...


Edit, I've played this for just over an hour and I'm not sure what's wrong with the sound mix in the trailer but the music in game ranges from fine (the vocal battle song) to great (the almost Outrun style cruising music.)


The battle system is initially confusing although you can change it so it plays almost like a visual novel but I'm really liking it. It's that niche sweet spot of Tass Times in Tonetown crossed with Earthbound which is a very specific itch to scratch. Bad luck being released the very same week as part 2 of Deltarune!



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OK, I've played this for almost three hours now and the trailer is just poorly mixed. That song that's used in battle has really grown on me and the chill Outrun style cruising music really works when you're in dialogue on the road.


Everything about this feels like a late 80's / early 90's game that never existed.





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And finished after about 14 hours (with an extra hour to play the DLC.)


I played through this on the easiest difficulty and what started as a great visual novel with some rpg trappings soon turned into something more involved. Even on easy this game isn't a cakewalk and throws in new mechanics that keep you on your toes although they could have signposted elemental effects earlier.


I suspect some are going to bounce off this game because of the specific themes of trans acceptance / self acceptance (I've had a couple of friends say "hard pass" when I described it to them.) Their loss. This is great.




I'm just amazed at the confidence of giving away the game for free.



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Remembered this existed and am now some way through the first act, and it's absolutely wonderful. Was already a big fan of some of Love Conquers All's previous games and this is, so far, really impressive; the battle system is interesting once you get the hang of it, though I definitely feel like I should be experimenting more with the trinkets, and the battle clear music is maybe the best battle clear music I've ever heard?


Sam's facial expressions in the road-trip segments are amazing too.

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Trinkets are the only way to level up as your battle effectiveness depends on the level trinket your using. Feel free to ask about the battle system, I'm not completely across all the ins and outs but it did take a while to suss out the three phase system that's set up.


Kotaku has interviewed Christine Love about the making of the game here https://kotaku.com/behind-the-scenes-of-the-falls-gayest-rpg-1847821965



The game’s combat has some Final Fantasy XIII in its DNA. Initially Love was terrified of designing this aspect of the game, since Get in the Car, Loser! is her first RPG. Previously she has created visual novels with choice-driven mechanics, but this time, she wanted to do something new.

“I’ve definitely written lots of games about girls dumping their feelings and going through hard times [and] learning a lot. But having a game where someone can throw a punch, and it feels good to do that, that was honestly totally novel to me,” she said. “I don’t want to make a game that’s just like the game I made before but is a slightly better version or a slightly different version. I want to be exploring new ideas, new themes, and even new mechanics.” Despite her initial apprehension, creating a battle system ultimately became her favorite part of working on the game.


I've been thinking about this game a lot, there was a whole sub plot about self doubt that really hit home just at the moment I needed it to.




As flawed and as niche as this is it might be my game of the year, definitely in my top three.

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