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Nintendo Direct 23 Sep 2021


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55 minutes ago, the_debaser said:

If we’re talking emulation, an Ultimate Rare Replay, this time with Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing and Donkey Kong 64 would be nice. 


With the option to pay a little more to remove Donkey Kong 64.

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2 hours ago, Popo said:

Wind Wanker & Twiglet Princess HD bundle for Christmas, surely?


Theyve been entirely conspicuous by their absence in this supposed year of Zelda celebrations, and it’s a re-release Nintendo have somehow not yet tapped. 


I saw a rumour that the guys who did Links Awakening might be doing the Oracle games in that engine. Probably BS but it's something they could easily flog without making brand new titles.

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26 minutes ago, scottcr said:

I'm not really fussed about GB games - although Mario Land because the tune is great.  Prince of Persia was a nice version... and... erm


GBA games.  GEEZ IT.  

There's a good Donkey Kong game on gbc isn't there? Agreed though - I'm not that bothered about GB/GBC games. Still nice to have. 

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