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Box Office Top Ten of 1980 - In Trailers + Supermarket Shootouts and Shenanigans


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This latest video looks at the top ten box office hits of 1980. Featuring trailers from the likes of Smokey & The Bandit 2, The Blues Brothers, Stir Crazy, 9 To 5 and The Empire Strikes Back. I've also included trailers from other notable releases of the year that didn't quite make the top ten, including The Shining and Flash Gordon. 



Also this week - Supermarket Shootouts and Shenanigans including Cobra, Stone Cold and Grosse Point Blank.



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3 hours ago, Commander Jameson said:

That Shining trailer feels very modern compared with the others, plus that's it's very spoilery.


Yes, it was on Kubrick's channel (or WB's) but seems to have been created fairly recently (relatively speaking). 

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3 hours ago, smac said:
  1. Proofread your cards, dude.
  2. Those voice-overs! Especially for Empire!


Goddammit. I've looked at the things for so long I got word blindness :doh:


Better still, the same error is in the new video that has just finished rendering. I'll re-render this 1981 video, then fix this one.

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50 minutes ago, smac said:


Yeah. I spent time reading proofs as part of my job, and it's still impossible to proof my own work. And all caps is the worst.


That font on Openshot doesn't seem to allow lower case. I am trying to learn Davinci Resolve. Or I'll switch fonts.

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