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Dice, Dice, Baby (a thread about collecting, making, rolling)


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2 hours ago, Munkienut said:

Those are awesome, my favourites of your yet. Perhaps this is a stupid question but do the stuff inside (skulls or otherwise) not cause them to favour certain sides?


Not sure, I need to test them. But the skulls are just made of resin, so presumably similar density to the resin they're incased in. So I suspect any biasing would be minimal. You probably wouldn't be able to use them in tournament play though.

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The concept behind this set was simple: a black set and a white set, with a matt finish, inked white and black respectively. It was going to an uncomplicated palette cleanser after months of complex pours...

Best laid plans of mice and dice makers...


I'd assumed that doing a matt finish would be just like doing a glassy finish, only quicker. After all, you just do the first few polishing papers then stop, right? No! It turns out that getting an even matt finish is surprisingly hard. Not only that, but the black paint tends to stain the white matt in a way that it doesn't on a shiny surface. And so the dice require way more clean up... and then you end up with dirty resin stains on the pristine black inking, requiring more clean up!

It was a whole thing.


Anyway, they're done. Could probably do with a little more attention to make perfect, but that's a job for another day. And I love the black one so hard!









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This week I wanted to experiment with making opaque, flat coloured dice - you know, the kind you can buy for £5 a set and not spend hours in the middle of a heatwave polishing the ones you made! :)


Getting this finish is not as easy as it sounds... alchohol inks tend to leave resin translucent, and mica powder tends to give the colour a kind of shimmer. In this case I ended up using a thick white ink to establish an opaque white base (same as I used for the last set) then added alchohol inks to colour up from there. The result was pretty much what I wanted...




However, it wasn't without issues. Firstly, the white ink left solid flecks that settled on the bottom faces of the dice. Secondaly, I didn't account for the set being cast in a single slab mould. So when the lid of the slab was lowered, the different coloured resin mingled together in places and "stained" the 1 faces. 


Here's the less Instagram friendly shot showing the problem:




The second problem is easy to solve, the first one will require some experiments with different white colourings. Dice science! :) 


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I got wind that my cousin's kid was getting into D&D, maybe as a result of Stranger Things, not sure. Now, some of my fondest childhood memories centre around playing D&D with my friends over long, lazy summers. It was like an escape mechanism for awkward, shy kids like me at a time when nerds were still hunted for their furs by cool kids and jocks. In D&D, the nerds ruled, and it was awesome!


I'm therefore entirely supportive of kids getting into RPGs, and said I'd make her a dice set in whatever style she wanted. She said she'd like a Petri dish set, but in yellow...


Here's a peek at how the set turned out:


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Another Petri dish pour. I love the drama of this set...








That's it for me for a while. We're spending the next few months doing a limited run of some old favourite sets with the intention of selling them in the run up to Halloween... interested to see how such a focused production line approach compares to doing it "just for fun". I would imagine I'll find myself staring at ten identical unpolished D20s and begin to regret my life choices...

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I really struggle to get my head around the fact that @Dr_Dave woke up one morning and thought "I'm going to make some dice" and has ended up creating - presumably just casually, freestyle like - some of my favourite looking dice ever.


Some of this stuff is just superb.

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