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Driver - John Tanner on the telly


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So instead of making a series based on the film The Driver, they are making a series based on the game that knocked it off?


Hard to see that either carry enough contemporary nostalgia to warrant a series, but whatever. At least The Driver was some wonderful cinema…my main memories of Driver are it being mostly unplayable.

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33 minutes ago, Gotters said:

If they are really paying homage the pilot/first episode should be set in a car park, and be hours long so as to induce so much rage in viewers most don't get past it or see any more of the series.

And the final episode is to drive the president to the airport (?) whilst an unlimited number of indestructible black limos fly at you from all directions. Most viewers will want to snap a DVD in half, but a few will reach the end and wondered why they bothered. 

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1 hour ago, Don Rosco said:

They should make every season terrible except for the fourth, set in San Francisco, which is unexpectedly one of the greatest seasons of TV ever.


And then ensure that season is not made available on any streaming service so no future generations can watch it. 

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