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Today is National Video Games Day.

Boozy The Clown

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Like most people, I assume, this totally passed me by. Retconning me into joining in, though, I poured full romsets for SNES and Megadrive into Retroarch on my Vita, and just googled a few hidden gems lists. I had a fucking great time. 

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Didn’t realise it was NVGD but luckily I had time to play for once.  I played Hyper Light Drifter.  I love the trailer music. I’m slowly progressing as I’m stuck on a section with just a sliver of health and a few screens of enemies to dodge and slash.  


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Wait, it’s the ‘tape’ part of videotape that refers to the tape, not the ‘video’.


of Bel-air?


I remember meeting a girl in a club in the early 2000s that asked me if I was “addicted to computer games”. It sounded weird at the time, and that was twenty years ago.

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