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God of War Ragnarok


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Yep, magnificent trailer and game of the showcase for me. I'm going on blackout as soon as a release date is announced as I don't want anything else spoiled. I'm really hoping they make the platinum accessible in this, like they did in the first game, because that was great fun to 100%.


I've got to say, I'm not sure about big belly Thor. The


post-credits scene in GoW 1 that introduced him suggested that he was a lot more menacing, while the picture above 


makes him look a bit like a tubby LotR dwarf. Having said that, Baldur in the first game was a skinny little bloke compared with Kratos, and he was still badass. Good on them for breaking the mould when it comes to homogenised representations of men's bodies. I should probably stop being so shallow.


Anyway. Looking forward to it, but wouldn't be surprised if it's at least a year away.

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After the main showcase they had an interview with the new game director and Cory Barlog (who's something like studio lead or something, but not directing the game).


Of note:

-This is the end of the "Norse saga."

-Richard Schiff is Odin!

-Odin is not what you might expect, "doesn't live in a castle" - just sort of mucks about doing as he pleases.

-Angrboda is one of the last giants

-Ragnarok definitely happens in the game



This looks incredible and is making me want to find the time to replay the first game on PS5.

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26 minutes ago, carlospie said:

Fat Thor is legendary. 


Did they ever say why god of war didn't get the dlc? Was it worked into this?

I recall a story, unsure if true or me just misremembering, but the story was that the DLC they were working on did indeed have the scope of a whole new game. If true, it's fair to say this is the result of that. 

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18 minutes ago, Number 28 said:

Why isn't Troy Baker reprising his role for the squirrel? Also, how does one do mocap for a squirrel? :ph34r:


This looks great. I still need to beat Sigrun though..."UNWORTHY! UNWORTHY! UNWORTHY!" *headstomp*


Just do this:




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Very glad it appears to be very similar visually, which should mean we'll get a lovely PS5 version with a rock solid framerate. It's a bit too early in the PS5's lifespan to start waiting for the PS6 version. 


It does look better though, models and environments are much more detailed and the geometry is much more complicated.

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