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Alan Wake - Remastered (October 2021 Tramp Gamers Need Not Apply)


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There are some other A/B shots on Twitter, if you're interested, but this does seem initially like not a lot has been done to it.  The trailer looks pretty much how I remember the game, though I'm sure if I went back, I'd find it not looking as good as I remember. 


My first thought was the Rock Concert scene, that was the bit that I always thought needed more power to realise the scene properly, if they've put effort into making the most of key moments like that, then I think this will be a real treat and I'll definitely go through the game again.  ...But, given what they've shown and the proximity to release, I assume this isn't the remaster the game deserves. 

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24 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

This didn’t look that great of a remaster. 

Also, let’s be honest, the original wasn’t a classic or even that great. C’mon. Admit it. It was alright but nothing more. 



Fuck no! The game is genuinely awesome. 

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7 minutes ago, Doctor Shark said:

I didn’t say you were wrong and I’m genuinely interested why you think it’s so great. 

I love the atmosphere and the story, I was genuinely completely immersed all the way through. That setting and atmosphere is exactly my kind of thing. The combat is often criticized but I loved it, really satisfying whenever a shadow creature breaks with a *crack*. But the setting and atmosphere make it a classic for me.


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I really enjoy the sense of journey and progression through Bright Falls. You start off at one place and are given a destination you can see way off in the distance and spend the chapter slowly working way your way towards it. Then when you get there you can usually look back and trace where you've come from.


Few games capture a sense of an arduous, coherent journey and sense of place very well but Alan Wake was one of them, up there with the likes of Half Life 2 and The Last of Us 2.


It's not as good as those two games for various reasons but there's an awful lot about it I love. It just needed a bit more gameplay variety and a bit more narrative restraint to be a classic I think.

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18 hours ago, Down by Law said:

These are some 4K screens from the playstation flickr account and they look way better than the trailer suggests









These aren't gameplay, the promo shots for the original game didn't look much different, imo.




I know that's from the spinoff game, but that way,  it's definitely not from this remaster. 


I'm quite convinced now that this is a £25 fee to increase the resolution.  

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Although a bit frustrating when you can already play it on a console under your TV, and all it needs is the same frame rate and resolution boost many other games have received, chuck in auto HDR and all.


I’ll still be buying this version though. 

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1 hour ago, Down by Law said:

Well £25 for improved resolution, dualsense support and the chance to play it on a console that is actually under my TV is worth it to me

I think that is a crucial difference, I've got used to games getting resolution and framerate boosts for free and I have the game installed on the console connected to my TV already. 


Through that lens, it feels a bit underwhelming, but for those who haven't played this before or can't currently and would like to, it's great news. Also,  Alan Wake is one of my favourite games ever, so it's great to see that Remedy are clearly signalling that AW2 is on the agenda.

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Can only echo the sentiment that given how many years this remaster has been spinning in the rumour mill, it’s very underwhelming to see them targeting nothing beyond better resolution and frame rate. Long enough has passed since I completed it on 360 that I would’ve been tempted by a remaster with bells and whistles, but this? Nah. 

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