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Rate the last series you completed out of 5 - No spoilers!


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8 minutes ago, Dark Soldier said:



Strong opening episode with fantastic central and supporting performances that wanders off into tedious, almost indulgent daydream fantasy. Touches of the theatrical (it'd definitely work better on stage) with a truly awful at points final episode.



I’m going to have to disagree. I loved this. I loved the different genres and styles it used each episode. Loved the story it told. Thewlis and Coleman were superb, and it cemented Will Sharpe as a director I will always seek out in future. 

best breaking of the 4th wall ever. 

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8 minutes ago, Dark Soldier said:

My partner felt the same as yourself. It just really got on my tits as it went on, when I usually love stuff that does this. 


It didn't feel like it fitted the story being told.

I think that’s why I liked it so much. It was at odds with the usual true crime tale it was telling. 

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On 11/10/2021 at 07:30, Festoon said:



Really excellent drama. Star turn from Margaret Qually making good on the promise shown in Once Upon A Time In America. Depressing and frustrating but compelling. Really well written and structured.


Ocassionally, amid all the dross, Netflix get something like this made for actual adults.



Finished this tonight. 


It was really really good. 


Cried a little bit. 


That little kid. Omg 🥰


Actually reminded me a lot of my daughter. 

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I am a big fan of JMS and was interested to see what he would come up with in collaboration with the Wachowskis. I only learned about this 5 year old series after watching an old interview he did about his career.


It was definitely unique and interesting, and I cared a lot for the characters - but I have to knock off a point for it having way too many stomach-churning orgy scenes. I think once would have been enough to get the point across that sex is ‘like that’ for these telepathically linked people.


The action scenes also started to get predictable, as it was always ‘oh no, this character is going to get killed unless cop/martial artist/gangster takes over at the last minute’ and they never failed to do so.


So I think it was probably for the best that it didn’t continue beyond two seasons, although who knows what was planned I suppose. There was also a very hard to follow jump in logic in the penultimate episode or one before - we were led to believe that the hero cop was in another shared vision with the big bad guy, in the same room that it had happened many times before - only for him to suddenly reveal that he was actually there physically, to attack and capture said bad guy. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention but I had absolutely no idea how that came to happen.


I suppose that all sounds like I didn’t think much of it, but I’d probably rate it 4/5 still. Gained points back for Sylvester McCoy referring to himself as the Old Man of Hoy and drinking Irn Bru.

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Succession S3 - Why does no one talk about this show? It's brilliant! By the guy who did Peep Show and Fresh Meat, which is weird, because this is a super expensive, beautifully shot prestige drama, and those're, y'know, definitely not that. But then I guess it's not too weird, because this is a very funny show about a bunch of varied and terrible characters, being terrible, so there's definitely some keying off of past works there, some honing of skills over several decades as a writer.


We ended up bingeing all of S3 over the Xmas break (I haven't seen the preceding two seasons, but aside from a few references it's pretty stand-alone, you can pick up all the characters quickly). Every episode shakes up the status quo, there's always some new wrinkle coming in to fuck up everyone's plans, it never hits the reset button.


It's on Now TV and heavily recommended. 5/5

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To anyone reading the above - do watch Succession, because it's amazing. But, for the love of god, do not go straight to season 3.


The first two seasons are also on Now (for two weeks, by the look of it) and you'll be spoiling some amazing storylines/events by going straight to 3.

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Midnight Mass 

I really loved this. When I watched the first episode I nearly gave up on it because I just watched the Haunting of Hill House and this wasn't that. But it turns out this might be even better. It's clearly the product of a singular vision, it has a story to tell and themes to get across and it's not afraid to. It really goes some places I didn't expect and that's what I love about it. 5 / 5

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I started this CBS show last week and rinsed through the first season (13 episodes) fairly quickly. It's about a psychologist who teams up with a priest in training to investigte spooky stuff for the Catholic Church - possessions, demons etc. The third member of the team is an IT/Tech guy who looks for environmental explenations. Think a religious version of the X-Files.


It's made by Robert and Michelle King who made The Good Wife and some other shows. I thought this was a ton of fun. It's scary at times but proper funny as well. There's a 'possesion of the week' format which works well but there's a good arc that's paced out over the season. The 3 leads are really good and the Catholic stuff is always value in horror. Michael Emerson plays one of main bad guys and he's nicely creepy. 


I'm going to go straight into season 2. 



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Cheers - might be manageable. The BBC don't seem to provide any indication of suitability on iPlayer so it's a bit of a minefield for the dramas etc. I tend to have to check the time it was originally broadcast as a guide.


And perspiration levels were of course my main concern so thanks for clarifying that :)

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A quick bit of research suggests that they'll label programmes, or possibly individual episodes, with a 'G for Guidance' warning box if there's anything particularly strong in it, but this is largely just reflective of the pre- and post-9pm watershed - i.e. there won't be a label if it's pre-9pm. I suppose that's as much guidance as we ever got with traditional terrestrial broadcasts.


Sorry, realise that's a bit OT. Here's some quick penance:


MasterChef: The Professionals series 14 (BBC) - 5/5

Maybe not the most interesting thing to report on but I find that the majority of 'reality TV' is so completely awful that it's worth calling out the odd exception like this or Grand Designs, both of which are still going as strong as ever. There's something pure, almost quaint about them in that they mainly concentrate on the subject that they're supposed to be about, rather than confected personal drama. Everyone is judged on their actual merits, the winner always absolutely deserves it, the hosts seem genuinely invested in the whole thing, and you actually get to watch the detail of their cooking rather than the editor showing off.

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Chucky (Season 1)


Really good fun that breathes life back into the Child's Play franchise after the less than steller last few films. However as this is a direct sequel to those films, it does pay to have seen them however the show does its best to fill in the gaps you might have missed.


If you haven't seen them though and just want a fun horror comedy show with Brad Dourif back chewing up the scenery as Chucky (as Mark Hamill voiced him in the reboot) then you won't be dissapointed.


Theres also flashbacks to Chucky (Charles) past and it gives you a little insight into why he's a psychotic murderer.


The show centres around teenagers, so there's a bit of teenage angst within it the plot, so just be wary of that if it's not really your thing. It's not too overbearing though. But at least the teenage actors are the same age as their characters which I always find better than 20 odd year olds playing them.


Mainly, you're here for Chucky, his maniacal laughing and all the ways he manages to kill people.


3.5/5, but a really enjoyable 3.5

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finished the last 2 seasons as they were added to Prime at some stage in the last few months. 
The writing varies over the 7 seasons but it’s easy viewing if your wanting to do something else while it’s on and the 2 main actors are good in their roles. Some occasional iffy acting by some of the supporting cast (I found similar in the superior House, who’s a Sherlock of sorts too).

1-4 are the better seasons I think and you could not have to see it to the end. 

3/5 overall (season scores vary between 2 & 4)


Mr In-between

About a Criminal Jobber in Oz, his life, family and work. Moves at a great pace and has a great style.

3 seasons, mainly 25-30 minute episodes. Grim, funny and sad and highly recommend.



Dope Sick

Opioid series based on a book and a real life company / drug. Excellent writing and performances.

It’ll make you angry and it’s a grim, charming and painful journey throughout. 



The Tourist

Quirky comedy / thriller based in Oz. Watched this reasonably quickly, for no apparent reason as it’s just okay.


I found the opening episode quite annoying as I thought it was full of stereotypes and lazy writing but it picks up, has some twists, some amusing parts and it’s shot very nicely.
2.5/5 (3 at most)

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The Witcher S2 - 9/10


Bloody excellent stuff. Only downside is it is only 8 episodes long. On par with S1 for us. 


PS for anyone who has seen this, recommend the Netflix mini "Witcher - Bestiary" episodes - two of em at 10mins apiece. 


Sex Education S3 - 7/10


It was fine and very watchable. Just felt it was a tad predictable and the writing a little flat. Still enjoyed it regardless and it didn't outstay its welcome. 

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Stay Close (Netflix)


A Harlan Coben adaptation, and probably my favourite one so far (I've seen both Safe and The Stranger, both of which I really enjoyed).  A good cast featuring Richard Armitage, Sarah Parrish, James Nesbitt and Eddie Izzard - I do love a crime drama that keeps you guessing but also manages to not frustrate the viewer - Lost this ain't!


It progresses at a really good pace - I thought 8 episodes might be a bit overly long, but plenty of story is packed into each episode.


I'd love to say I correctly guessed what was going to happen, but I didn't.  TBH I never do.


We binged this in less than a week which is always a sign of a decent drama - recommended.





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On 05/01/2022 at 22:11, Commander Jameson said:

Around the World in 80 Days (BBC iPlayer)


A highly-entertaining romp following David Tennant as Phileas Fogg, Leonie Benesch as journalist and chronicler, Abigail Fix, and Ibrahim Koma as Fogg's valet, Jean Passepartout.


A cracking credits sequence too.





Thanks for highlighting this. We watched it over the last week and a bit and I'd thoroughly agree with the recommendation, but my rating might even creep up to a 5. A rollicking, old-fashioned adventure, but one that manages to find time for a number of other subplots and topics even beside the core story. I often find BBC productions a bit lacking - papering over the thin budget, rushing to fit things into the limited number of episodes granted, or perhaps just plain low quality because other higher paying outlets have gathered up the best people - but this hit all its marks for me, and it was great fun watching with our daughter swept up in the excitement.

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On 15/01/2022 at 22:12, cassidy said:

@Robsk1 Mr Inbetween lost half a mark? Why? It's easily as good as Dopesick imo. 

Dopesick has stayed with more, due to people I know being in similar - if less drastic - situations. I’m more likely to rewatch Mr Inbetween. 

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