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Song of Iron - Vikingbo

Boozy The Clown

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Combat focused Limbolike. You're a hairy viking with an axe and a bow crossing a surprisingly well made (single person development) world of Viking myth and Legend. Throwing an axe into an enemy's face or pulling that last second arrow to the head is immensely satisfying.  Played for an hour so far and the controls are well implemented offering a variety of ways to deal with each situation you encounter. It's far more about taking on enemies and looking good doing it than the environmental puzzles of Limbo/Inside. Some very brief subtitles and basic tutorials then virtually no hud ( a health, stamina bar that only appears when depleted) Just the artwork and gameplay telling the story. 




Developer's youtube featuring a dev diary of various stages of development.




Not on Gamepass. £16.74 on xbox. 

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