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11 hours ago, Stigweard said:

There hasn't been a car subculture in a Fast and Furious film since the 3rd 


The forth and fifth ones definitely still do to varying extents. Even the later-day heist ones still have an abnormal fascination with cars that goes beyond just driving them about quickly like other action films would. Saying all of that, that's who the characters are so it makes sense that's part of it. I don't see it as a problem anyway, as I have zero interest in cars but enjoy the films immensely.

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All sports films are this:


a bunch of no-hopers take up a sport and become good at it however just before the big final they have a fight and a key member of the team goes off in a huff. Then just at the last moment when the team is about to quit, they turn up again to rejoin the team and they do acceptably well.

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I think sports films – and especially football – have never come close to replicating what an actual game looks like. It's always so slow and stilted with everyone clumping about shouting meaningful lines of dialogue and it just looks wrong somehow. Maybe it's just impossible to direct that many people to do something that is by its nature unscripted and chaotic. Saying that, I suppose war films are able to achieve a similar thing, but of the two I've only played pub league and not fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima so maybe that looks shit too. 

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On 31/08/2021 at 17:30, sir podger said:

Surprise Hit's soulless sequel


a movie comes out that flies in the face of current trends, captures imaginations and makes bank and builds a fan base. Now a couple of years have passed it's time to make the sequel to milk that fan base, but it needs some tweaks....


1. shoehorn a big name actor of the day to take a leading a role, everybody loves them! who cares if they ham it up? 

2. Kids, we needs to pack the movie with kids, the first one didn't have any and that stifled toy sales, what were you thinking, were you trying to make a film or something?!?


(you may be able to tell from the above that i hated pacific rim 2 after loving the first one)


the soulless reboot, now with way better special effects to cover the piss poor rewritten kid friendly plot.  fuck you 12a rated robocop

Similar to this is a sequel a bit down the line where the original characters aren't involved (and back in the day would be straight to dvd - now straight to streaming). I can't think of many (any?) that were any good but rely on people regarding the original favourably. 

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