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I did a quick search but could find a thread about it. Which surprises me given how good it turns out to be.




So for those not aware. It's basically a Dwarf Fortress style game but much less complicated and more user friendly. You control a group of 3 plucky colonists who crash on a distant planet and have to survive. You grow crops, build places to live, work and play and .... stuff happens. It's all about having things happen and making stories.


I just started playing recently so I'm still figuring things out but I'll just say that fire is bad.




My current colony. I'm slowly replacing my fragile wooden walls with tougher stone







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After a difficult start my current save is finally going well. I arrested a visitor and convinced him to join up. I bought a slave (And presumably freed her since she joined my colonly).


Then we had a thunderstorm. Fire bad people




Then the slave died of extreme heatstroke (Planet is perpetual summer and very hot) before I could get all the rooms with aircon finished. Then while mining a roof fell on the guy I arrested and he died instantly.


Then it was a struggle to keep ahead of food needs while getting stuff done. I'm now in a position where everyone is now much happier. I'm going to replace all the wood buildings with slate to avoid fires and I've got a nice cotton crop growing so I can make better clothes. I'm even in a position where I can crank out a bit of art for when the traders come around.




I'm currently wondering if hunting elephants is safe. Probably not.

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I friggin love Rimworld. Got like 600 hours played or something like that. One of the most engrossing and accidentally purposefully hilarious games I've played in a long time.


@Flub Do you want any tips, or do you just want to learn as you go? The rim is a brutal place to be.


Also, I would be careful digging too deep underground.


Really, really careful.

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I really enjoyed my one Rimworld campaign! Didn't know this thread existed and I do quite fancy another one now.


Incidentally, Pete Complete's Ice Sheet youtube series is absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly recommend anyone who likes watching this kind of thing. He role plays a lone cannibal on merciless difficulty starting with absolutely nothing. (this is calm, thoughtful youtube rather than shouty ranty youtube)

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I've always wanted to play this so jumped at the chance on my S, day one. Within 3 hours of my first playthrough (after the tutorial) I've got a cycloptic (a rampaging squirrel took his eye) gay misogynist getting stroppy because his two other crewmates won't let him eat the corpse of the raider he stabbed to death.


So yeah, it delivers.

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