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1 hour ago, Majora said:

Season 2 won best limited drama at the Golden Globes and best supporting actress for Coolidge.


To be honest, while watching I had pegged Aubrey Plaza as a bigger frontrunner for most of the season. Or Meghann Fahey, who I thought gave a masterclass in facial expressions and providing depth and complexity to a character she could easily have played as a bimbo airhead. But as soon as I saw the final episode I knew Coolidge was likely going to scoop it.


As always, her acceptance speech is great but contains a spoiler so I'll stick it in tags


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Just finished season 2 myself and loved it. Easily as good as the first. I was gutted watching the last episode as I wouldn't be able to spend more time in this world, watching these awful people.

But the reason I quoted this is due to your mention of Meghann Fahey's facial expressions. Her reaction to what Ethan tells her in the last episode was spectacular. It wasn't showy, but you could see what she was going through, just to reset to her standard defense in the face of something that clearly happens to her all the time. A masterclass indeed.


Thought everyone was great in it. So glad it is getting the accolades it deserves.

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Just finished season 2 & I thought it was a massive downgrade from the excellence of the first. None of the actors were as charming, the storylines seemed overly contrived & the characters themselves felt like 2D representations rather than people with any actual character to them. Its biggest crime was wasting F. Murray Abraham in a do-nothing role. I get he is quite old now, but they could easily have just made an episode of him reading the hotel brochure & it would have worked.

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