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GTA Remastered Trilogy (GTA3/San Andreas/Vice City) - ah sh*t, here we go again


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13 minutes ago, footle said:


Which will be entirely sufficient to cover my curiosity about how good it is.


Yep, if it's playable by today's standards and they haven't COMPLETELY fucked the music I'll pick up the pack when it's twenty quid.

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2 hours ago, robotattack said:

Release date: 6th December.


PS4 and Xbox versions are £54.99 for physical copies.


It seems the Switch and PS5 versions might be digital only.



Release date: 11th November

Price: £54.99 


It seems the PC, Switch and PS5 versions might be digital only


Physical copies of PS4 and Xbox versions are released on 6th December (on the Rockstar store at least).






ited to reflect what @JohnC pointed out to me


Switch physical launches 7th December

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1 hour ago, Flanders said:

I think that looks way better than expected given how much sniffiness there’s been about this release. 


Yeah, as much as I made that Nintendo joke there's more effort here than went into super mario 3d all stars.

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Looks okay - mileage as to whether you'd want to play them all through again will vary. I'd probably tool around with Vice City for an hour and have had my fill, I think. I wouldn't be coughing up £55 for the pleasure, that's for sure.

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1 hour ago, K said:

I quite like the new lighting and character models. It'd be nice if there were a Halo: Anniversary-style option of switching back and forth, but that aside it looks pretty good.


Yeah I agree, it's got an appealing retro look with modern lighting, a bit like Art of Rally and Lonely Downhill.


I'm actually really excited to go back to San Andreas. I still think of it as my favourite game ever even though it'd be hard to go back to now. This might make the magic recapturabubble.


Fingers crossed about the soundtracks.


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32 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

I never thought they'd touch it but it's still jarring to see the old animation of all the characters. And even though they've got fingers the hands are still shovels.


It's interesting to remember they made a big deal out of the individual fingers for the original xbox port, 18 years ago :lol:



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23 minutes ago, Fry Crayola said:


CJ was customisable, so shitty moustache if that's what you want!

That shitty tache must be the default though right? My CJ never had one of those hiding his good looks.


Trailer looks meh on the phone but when I watched it on a TV it looks pretty fucking good. Not sure I'll get it day one but whenever its on sale I'll probably jump in on PS5 or Xbox. 

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