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Shaman King - 2021 Remake out on Netflix


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Hey all! Shaman King has had a much needed revival, and probably worth a watch if you are a fan of lighter Anime. 

Not much of an Anime fan myself but this has nostalgic value as I was a teenager when the original came oot! 

The new voice actor for Yoh isn’t hitting it for me yet but overall it’s a half decent watch and it looks lovely. 

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If anyone wants to read the Manga that inspired it, you can for free on Amazon Prime Reading!


I'll give the remake a go at some point, but I have really fond memories of the ones on Jetix and from what I remember after reading the Manga at Christmas it follow it pretty well. 


Here's a trailer for the 2021 remake.




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I watched and liked the 2000s version so maybe I'll watch this but netflix are starting to bug me with stupid stuff like put 26 episodes of inuyasha on.  It's got like 170 episodes and is 20 years old.  It's can't be a lot of money to just stick the whole thing on for anyone wanting to watch it. 


Does this really need remade?  Is the 2000s version on netflix?

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