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Splitgate season 0


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Server shut down today, back up tomorrow at some point ,they haven't said a time yet,but they said it should be more stable.

They are also extending the beta,presumably until they can handle all the players trying to get in and play.

I've really enjoyed it over the weekend,classic halo vibes 

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Managed to get in a couple of hours ago and played 4 games.


It is actually not bad at all, arena shooters are normally not my thing but this played really nice and was good fun.


The UI though, that was a mess with select switching between A and X all over the place.

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This is really good! I have never liked the Halo-style arena shooter but for some reason this really clicks with me.


The que seem to be getting shorter little by little.


If you enjoy online FPS you should really try this.

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This is great fun but it seems easy I dunno if it’s kids that have never played either Halo or Portal ignoring the motion tracker and just Octane from Apex’ing around like headless chickens making for easy kills but it’s great fun. I think it’ll struggle a bit when Halo MP launches and the Xbox/PC brigade migrate but coming off last weeks infinite beta it’s a great void filler for now. Teabag Confirmed is amazing.

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17 hours ago, Yoshimax said:

This is great fun but it seems easy

I dominated my first games and I'm not particularly good at shooters. It felt like I was playing against some bots, or they've made the matchmaking put your first number of games against really terrible people (even though the majority were showing high xp level). As well as people just running around nobody seemed to know/want to play the objective. I got nearly max points on oddball as nobody else was picking it up, nobody defended the VIP etc.


The shooting feels great, and very precise. I upped the frame rate limit and it runs very smooth during gameplay. I love the pace and its definitely got some Q3 Arena spirit.


One minor thing that felt a bit off was that the enemy team area nice bright red, but there's some skins that make about 1/3 not red and those players don't stand out as much.

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5 hours ago, T Pot said:

Servers seem up for this now. I got in a game with no wait.


if you’re just connecting for the first time, use this referral code:




Get some free in game currency.


Used this code, thanks.


My referral code is MLB37J which should get someone 50 coins of the in-game currency.

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10 hours ago, Ry said:

Tried to play this 6 times. Each time either the servers are down or I'm placed in a queue. Was waiting 20 mins and gave up. 



I found once it hit about 8pm I could no longer get in and was being stuck into a queue.

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15 hours ago, Epcotman said:

This feels more Halo than Halo Infinite.  It’s such a blatant rip off, I don’t know how they get away with it. Still, I can’t stop playing it. 


I was saying to my nephews last week it has an almost Halo 3 multiplayer feel to it which I think is great. 


There was an article (which sods law I now can't find) that some big publishers were looking to try and buy the game. 


Not sure how I feel about that, but I am loving the game. 

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