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Dead Space Remake: Isaac is back, in Pog form!


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On 25/07/2021 at 10:48, MansizeRooster said:



It's a tie between this and the The Last Of Us remake they're currently doing.

Well, I thought so too at first but Jason Schreier explained why it makes perfect sense for Naughty Dog. Apparently tons of people in the studio have nothing to do while a new game is in pre-production, so having them work on a remake while learning the ins and outs of the PS5 at the same time seems like a good idea. That and the HBO series is gonna be massive.

As for Dead Space, they don't seem to be going for a 1:1 remake and if this thing is a hit (and The Callisto Protocol as well) we might see a new game further down the line. They do seem to have a very passionate team over at Motive.

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16 hours ago, Vemsie said:

This is coming along nicely. They're putting in a lot of effort it seems. Really liking these dev streams. They also confirm that they're aiming for a release early next year.


Confirms what Jeff Grubb doing his day job reported earlier, they originally planned it for Octo ber 2022, but delayed it to polish it, because we all know how vocal people feel about unpolished games without nice visuals.




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Is it just me who prefers the original in this picture? The mist and no doubt flickering lights might look nice and all that, but I like how simple, functional and brutalist industrial the original looks.


But, more importantly, and my main issue: the health bar as part of the character idea works superbly in the original character model. On the new one it's like they've forgotten what the point of it being so clear and obvious was. (To cut down on HUD elements but still have them clearly visible and part of the in-game elements)

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I agree with point 2 but I think the new one looks the absolute dogs danglies and is the reason I stopped my replay of the original. For a game that's 15 years old they don't need to update the movement or base gameplay much. If it comes through with a massive atmospheric overhaul but basically the same I'll still be happy.

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I don't know where that image is from, but in the footage I've seen his spine is still lit up like a Christmas tree.


As for visual changes, I think the original can look very flat by modern standards. It comes from a time before physically-based materials meaning there's a uniform, cardboard-like look to what are predominantly dull metal environments. So yes, the remake will look vastly different, but the actual architecture and visual design seems very faithful.


In fact it's actually a bit too faithful for me, as I've never been a fan of Dead Space's monster design. I was hoping they might dial things back a bit, lean into their unsettling human origins a bit more, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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The remake is still very WIP, but the much more dynamic lighting alone is a massive improvement over the original and much more atmopsheric. The fully interactive fog/smoke is very cool as well, Returnal did the same.

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Dead Space really does hold a very special place in my heart. I picked it up because I like Space and I like Horror, but I never for a second suspected it was going to actually be any good. "Lol" I said, saying the words, not actually lolling, "EA have done a Resident Evil rip off - I can't wait to reward them by paying full price in Game for it so I can see how crap it really is".

But it wasn't crap. It was really fuckin' great.

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1 hour ago, sofasurfer said:

I honestly didn't even realise that GoW was in one shot when I played it.


Yep. It's pretty cool, I think. Makes the whole thing more immersive. Other games did it first (HL2 springs to mind), but I think it works especially well in GoW. Hopefully they do it in Ragnarok, too.

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