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Persona 6 (nothing but a comment in an Atlus recruitment page at the moment)


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Persona 6 has seemingly been confirmed by Atlus through a job listing interview.


Over the past few days, Atlus Japan posted several new job listings to a native Japanese website called Green. According to translation from Persona Central, several current Atlus developers are interviewed as part of the job listings, and Atlus director Naoto Hiroaka very casually mentions Persona 6.




GR’s article was published on 14th July, and that casual mention can be seen below - forgive the Chrome auto-translate.



"In particular, I try not to be conscious of" games that sell in the world. "Rather, I think that what foreigners are looking for is a game that says" this is Japan. "" Persona 5 " Even so, the main character is a Japanese high school student, for example, even if there is a description of lunch or school trip, it is difficult for foreigners to understand. However, it is evaluated that "Atlas represents Japanese subculture". I think they are connected. ”

But the trouble is that the hurdles to overcome are getting higher year by year. “The hurdles are going up every time,” says Hiraoka, who has no choice but to laugh at this.

"Thanks to you, we have a lot of support for" Persona 5 "and we have a sense of accomplishment. But we can't stop here. When we made" Persona 4 "before, we had" Persona 3 ". There was pressure to exceed "5". Now we will have to make "6" that exceeds "5". However, it is difficult for the current team to exceed "5". I will join the company in the future. I want to work with you to overcome this high hurdle. It's hard, but I think it's the joy of creativity. "




Whilst this is the lightest of confirmations, I always like to wait for official word rather than rumour, and I'm counting this. Of course, the idea that there would be another mainline game is pretty obvious, but I think this is the first time it's been confirmed. Maybe it'll get some nondescript three second tease during the 25th anniversary events? (http://p-ch.jp/p25th/)

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Their 25th anniversary announcements are set to run for a year, up until Autumn ‘22, so if I were feeling optimistic I’d say that’s when we’d get a short teaser (at the very most.)


And you can go back to the P5 thread to see how much time passed between that game’s initial reveal and its 2017 release, so… ;) 

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