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Thanks! And aye! It’s the application is linked to BrickLink, which is a website where you can buy bricks! So when you finish your design, you can part it out through the site in a couple clicks and buy the parts! 

I did a terrible job at layering the process (layers like in photoshop contain pieces like a manual which is amazing) so it would be difficult to make this in person without working backwards, but going forward I will be organising it properly :)


A couple of my upcoming ideas include the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle, The Hoover Dam and I want to make like a little modular swimming pool which I will be submitting to Lego Ideas as I think I could come up with some really cool features :)

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Sorry I have not posted in a while! Here is a WIP of the Tyne Bridge! 


Pretty large but not too crackers. Estimated it at around 2500 pieces once finished with a cost of roughly £200 in parts. 

Works out at half decent value for the kit, and doing my best to layer it with half decent instructions, but it does not have as many steps as I would like. If anyone wanted to build this they would probably need the stud.io software alongside the instructions to inspect certain build stages. 


Should be finished pretty soon.




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1 hour ago, moosegrinder said:

These are really good. I've had Stud installed for ages but never used it. I think I looked at the UI and noped out of it.

Thanks very much! Honestly it is not too bad! I may even put together some basic tutorials as some of my friends are also interested! Might make a YouTube channel for my daft creations! 

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