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Buying one game per month for the rest of 2021 - A compulsive game buyer's support thread - End of November/start of December check-in

Jamie John

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On 30/09/2021 at 09:18, Qazimod said:

October could be difficult because there will be another Steam sale, but we’ll see.


I had to last most of the month without buying stuff so that the sale would come around, but I managed it, and I've only bought Polybius from the sale anyway. So that brings me to eight purchased games (Doom VFR, The Textorcist, Rhythm Doctor, R-Type Final 2, My Friend Pedro, Graze Counter, Neo TWEWY, Polybius), plus some Destiny 2 content, plus freebies such as Deltarune Chapter 2 and Tetris Effect's "Connected" update.


There's not much in November that I have my eye on, but my birthday is coming up so I may treat myself. Also there's Black Friday at the end of the month... (Also I have like £8 in my PSN wallet :P )

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Good job @Qazimod!




End of October:


Games Bought


Metroid Dread


(Switch OLED)


Technically, technically, I bought Metroid back in July as I pre-ordered it and paid for it then, so I've only actually spent money on Deathloop this month, but that's not really in the spirit of the thread, so I'm counting Deathloop as November's game. I was going to wait, but then I saw it going cheap in the Trading folder and couldn't resist. Anyway, I completed both of them, and while I enjoyed Metroid a lot, Deathloop ended up being pretty disappointing. Still, I'm glad I played it as otherwise the hype would have eaten away at me.


Pile of Shame


I've had another cull and am down from 67 to 54 games, which is beginning to sound a bit less ludicrous. I really want to blow the dust of the Quest 2 and get some more VR gaming done, but it's just a bit of an effort, as pathetic as that sounds.


Full list:



Asgard's Wrath

Beat Saber


Bowser's Fury

Civilization VI


Desperados 3 (GP)

Dirt 5 (GP)

Disco Elysium (Replay)

Doom Eternal (GP)

Eastshade (GP)

Final Fantasy X Remastered


Full Throttle Remastered (GP)

Gears 5 Hivebusters (GP)

Gears of War 1 Ultimate Edition (GP)

Gears Tactics (GP)

Genesis Noir (GP)

Ghost of Tsushima

Hotline Miami 2


It Takes Two

Kentucky Route Zero

Mass Effect 3 (Legendary Edition)

Mortal Shell

No Man's Sky (GP)

Nowhere Prophet (GP)

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy


Psychonauts 2 (GP)

Radiant Historia

Red Matter

Rez Infinite

Sable (GP)


Shovel Knight: King of Cards

Slay the Spire

Song of Horror

Spelunky 2

Sunless Sea

Surviving Mars

Tekken 7

The Cat Lady

The Last of Us Part 2 (Replay)

The Walking Dead Series 2 (GP)

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners

The Wolf Among Us

Titanfall 2 (GP)

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Until You Fall

Wasteland 3 (GP)


Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition




With November's game already bought, I've only got one more game I'm allowed to buy for the remainder of 2021. The positive reviews has pushed Resident Evil 4 VR to the top of my list, but I quite like the sound of Eastward on the Switch OLED as a lovely Christmas game, so we'll have to see.

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On 31/08/2021 at 10:58, AK Bell said:

August: Lego Marvel 3DS 

September: Dragon Quest 8 3DS

October: Mass Effect 3 [FAIL!]  ...finished Super Arcade Football instead

November: Majora's Mask 

December: Guardians of the Galaxy ...(or ME3 depending on how tight I am)


I've had a busy month of constantly poorly children so didn't get to play Mass Effect 3 at all. 

Since I want to play Guardians of the Galaxy soon that's probably not a bad thing skipping ME3. Sounds like they're pretty similar. 


When it gets to December, getting GotG is going to depend on having enough Microsoft Points and it being on sale to get it for nowt. Otherwise, maybe just finish ME3.

I can see myself buying Eastward as soon as it's on sale too. But I'll try to be strong. 


I did spend a fiver (the shame!) on Super Arcade Football. It was brilliant and I finished that. That's this month's finishing challenge :) 

I'm really happy I finished Dragon Quest 8 which was my Sept game. It needed a little more grinding that expected to beat the final boss so went well into October. 


Majora's Mask now. Thanks to the clocks changing and a hungry baby, I actually got a few hours to myself yesterday before the other kid woke up and already well into it. 



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It's funny looking back at my post earlier and seeing how off the rails I've gone. 


I've bought about 5 games since them, and preordered Deaths Door which is out this month, and completed 1, I think? (Technically I've finished Hades but haven't stopped playing it, and Death Stranding DC I had already completed but I haven't done the new stuff yet). 


Anyway, jokes on me I suppose. Still haven't offloaded my PS4 yet either. I did play PT finally though (great stuff). 

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July: Skyward Sword HD

August: Death's Door
September: Metroid Dread/Death Stranding Upgrade.

October: Forza Horizon 5 Bells and Whistles Edition

November: Battlefield 2049

December: ?


Still going, guys. Sort of. I bought Metroid Dread and chucked a fiver for the Death Stranding Upgrade which I'm saying is fine because it's a fiver and I'm my own boss and it's my money so get off my back yeah?


Ahem. To be honest it's not about the money. It's more the mad feeling of having a million things to play and not wanting to play any of them. And this is really working for that! I'm at the point of no return on Metroid and am hoovering up all of the items and am having a lovely time on Death Stranding in between. Slightly annoyed at having not started Death's Door (bought in August) but will get round to that later. It also makes it feel properly special when I do get something new so all in all it's working for me.

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November recap: No games bought… but one PS5 bought.


I’m currently using it for old PS4 stuff and PS+ giveaways, but my actual plan is to be able to play Elden Ring on new hardware next year. I thought that maybe the Black Friday sales might sway me this month, but in the end I wasn’t tempted by anything.


I’m not sure how December will go; I’m usually quite well-behaved… but I did get a stack of gift vouchers recently (an award for long service at my workplace) so my resolve might crumble… I’ll also be buying gaming gifts for others (secret santa etc.), but I don’t count that kind of thing here. :D 

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End of November


Games bought:


Resident Evil 4 VR


I wasn't supposed to buy anything this month after buying two games in October, but I had £8 Oculus credit that was burning a hole in my virtual pocket, especially as it was going to expire, so I caved. I haven't actually played it yet, but I'm going to save it for my Christmas game once the tree is up and I can play it in the living room. I've not really touched my Oculus this year apart from Walkabout Mini Golf, and I've thought about selling it a few times now, so I'm hoping Resi 4 will pull me back in.


Barring a shadowdrop of Silksong in December (which doesn't look at all likely 😓), that's me done for the year now. I'm hoping Halo Infinite's campaign will be enough to quell my games buying itch. I'm in two minds whether to take part in Steam Secret Santa: I enjoyed it last year, but I've still got a couple of games that I was gifted unplayed, so I'll see.


Pile of shame:


54 down to 52 games, so only a two game reduction this month. I blame Forza Horizon 5. On the other hand, if I played a game per week next year and didn't buy any more then I'd get through my entire life by 2023! Never going to happen, though.




As mentioned, that's me done for the year now, so apart from Halo Infinite I'll be playing what I already own. Elden Ring is top of my list for 2022 in February. I might pick up one of the best games of 2021 that I missed in January, once I've read and heard some others' GOTY lists.


How did everyone else get on?

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August: Lego Marvel 3DS 

September: Dragon Quest 8 3DS

October: Mass Effect 3 [FAIL!]  ...finished Super Arcade Football instead

November: Majora's Mask 

December: Guardians of the Galaxy


Because of a change of plans, I'm halfway through both Majora's Mask and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Bought in the sales, spent actual money not MS points ...ew. I've done well to not buy anything else in the sales though.


I'm away for a bit over Dec so put a pin in Zelda at a point where there wasn't too many loose threads to pick back up. So jumping on GotG early and powering through that now while I still have access to the xbox. 


This is more about finishing stuff for me and the almost formless Forza Horizon 5 didn't help matters by sucking up a chunk of time.


I expect to be playing Zelda well into January too. But then got a pile of 3DS carts to pick from next. I fancy a Mario RPG next. 

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I didn't buy anything on New Year's Eve! I'll admit, I was still tempted by the sales.


Final result

1. Doom VFR (Jan)

2. The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia (Feb)

3. Rhythm Doctor (Feb)

4. R-Type Final 2 (Apr)

5. My Friend Pedro (Jun)

6. Graze Counter (Jun)

7. Neo: The World Ends With You (Jul)

8. Polybius (Oct) 


Also some Destiny 2 content, plus freebies such as Just Shapes and Beats: The Lost ChapterDeltarune Chapter 2 and Tetris Effect's "Connected" update.


I've already decided to do this again for '22. I'm going to completely fail in February, but I should have some quiet months elsewhere that will balance things out.

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