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I was meant to be going to Lincoln v Donny today but I cancelled the trip before the game was called off. As I live in London, the idea of the tube, 2 trains, pubs and the footy didn't seem like the best plan, given that we are (supposed) to be entertaining my mum & dad at Xmas.


LNER will give me credit back to my account for the train fare  which I can use next year, so I'm not out of pocket. Only downside is I won't be able to make the rearranged midweek game because living in London those are impossible for me.


I've got a ticket for Ipswich away on NYD.   Can't see it happening at this rate. We shall see. 


Best wishes to you all. 

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From pretty much a full fixture list in League 1 and 2, only 6 games haven't been postponed due to "other" (Covid).  I'm fairly glad that our home game against Portsmouth has been called off as we'd sold out - 18,000+ in a stadium gives me the fear right now.  I'm also back to work after having had 12 days off so I wasn't really looking forward to trudging out to the ground and sitting in the cold for three hours with the possibility of getting Covid.  Given the current figures, that's a super spreader event regardless of passports and mask wearing. 


Could this see the season ending early again?  Not due to empty stadiums or lockdowns but through a lack of available players.  We have a squad of 22 at Argyle.  It does make me laugh that teams like Chelsea are complaining about this issue of having to play a fixture with 14 players - their squad is enormous.  They have 5 keepers on the books. 


The EFL should just impose a winter break right now for a couple of months, extend the season into June/July and not bother with the League Cup or the Papa Johns Trophy next season and make the FA Cup a competition without replays.     

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5 hours ago, Angles Morts said:

Fuck me that was very very bad. At least I heard a new song "we've had a shot", sung in the 82nd minute.


I think Wimbledon should be OK - I also think that sometimes, having games in hand isn't always a good thing considering you'll have a fixture congestion but Crewe, Doncaster and Gillingham are awful.  I don't know about Morecombe as they're not easy to beat at home.  Fleetwood are pretty rubbish too.  The season might end early anyway so as long as you're not near that bottom four, you'll be OK.  Remember, you've never been relegated!


1 hour ago, merman said:

Well, didn’t predict that, a 1-0 home win against Wycombe with the new boss in charge.


Thanks for beating the evil that is Wycombe.  Don't say Wycombe three times as Ainsworth will appear and essentially waste your time by getting in the way and moving things around in your house so you can't find them, rearranging the kitchen cupboards and waking you up in the middle of the night.  He's a cunt like that. 


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On 02/01/2022 at 18:56, wev said:

Hahahaha take that Ryan Reynolds!


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Sorry, sorry, sorry



Fucked it didn't we after a perfect start. Lennon's been excellent this season so I'll let him off. Still off colour Mullin blew the chance of getting something from the penalty spot, but fans who were there seem to think we generally did well given we were down to 10 men for 80 minutes.


Should mean we'll be massively up for revenge in potential playoff clash I suppose. Good luck for the rest of the season anyway. See you at Wembley.


30 years ago today...



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5 hours ago, MikeBeaver said:

Ipswich Town, scoring 2 within 13 minutes ?!?!? WTF is going on?


** EDIT** Scrap that, it's nil -three!!! :omg:


4-0 win away from home. Is it too early to be optimistic about the play-offs, or will we continue to be inconsistent?

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Saturday was miserable. Partly because of Boreham Wood's facilities - uncovered terraces, rain, strong icy winds, limited view, but all of that would have been fine if we'd got a result.


First half we set up with a back three incorporating only one centre back, the other two didn't really know who they were meant to be covering most of the time. Second half we brought on a second centre back (back from injury), looked better but just crossed 100 balls into the box that their towering, well-drilled back 5 could easily clear ahead of our slender young whippets. The difference in height and strength between the teams was massive; our youth-first policy creates some nice football sometimes but others we just get bullied off the ball.


On top of that, it's a really bad time to have a slump in form because we're playing the club-stealing Milton Keynes Franchise tomorrow.

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@Angles Morts commiserations. Losing at home to them must be very frustrating. 


In other League 1 games, Sunderland lose at home to Lincoln. Wycombe win at Bolton in a 101 minute game. 21 minutes added time is absurd, even for Wycombe. 

Wigan have 5 games in hand over a lot of teams. 


In League 2, Forest Green go 9 points clear and 12 points clear of 4th. 

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8 hours ago, neoELITE said:

@Angles Morts commiserations. Losing at home to them must be very frustrating.

It was at their modern but empty stadium actually, but sickening all the less. Hardly any of our fans go because they don't want to give them any money. The home fans had pathetic little red and white plastic flags like it was a champions league match for them and a goady banner saying "the club that will never die"! Fucking cheek.


We actually played a lot better than our recent matches, except for a 10 minute spell of madness where we were trying be be too cute passing around our goal and gifted them the ball which lead to their goal, and then got a red card for a second foul when in headless chicken mode. Even with 10 men we looked ok, albeit understandably stretched. The ref gave us nothing all match though, how you could be sympathetic to that lot I have no idea.


Properly in a relegation battle now.

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3 hours ago, Cosmic_Guru said:

What fans?  Must confess to a hearty dislike of Borehamwood. Must be one of the richest NL clubs owing to their tie up with Arsenal, yet mean as fuck.

Boreham Wood was the Saturday match, the MK Franchise was our Tuesday night fixture involving the weird banner. I went to the former but fuck entering the belly of the beast.

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