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Critical Role - Campaign 3 starts 21st October 2021!

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Ok so we don’t know much yet, but throughout the recent Campaign 2 wrap up both Matt and the other cast members referenced campaign 3. There were no hints, no sneak peaks so we don’t know much yet but, from what we can gather:


- There is definitely going to be a third campaign 


- Warforged might be coming to Exandria 


- Halas (evil wizard and owner of the happy fun ball) was going to be a campaign 3 villain until the Mighty Nein trapped himself a pocket dimension. He may still come back. 

That’s it. That’s all we’ve got…for now!

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I was interested in those snippets as some people thought he might have spun the clock back and done Exandria pre-calamity as it is a tumultuous time and a nice open area to populate. That would have made sense as it would give the DM more breathing room as he has a heck of a lot of canon to contend with in the current timeline.


Mind you the temptation to continue with the world you have constructed and adjusted must be very tempting.

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  • 2 months later...


Campaign 3 announcement.. 




Just three weeks away.. October 21st.. 


We'll meet our new adventurers on the continent of Marquet.. 


As anticipated, will still be prerecorded (though still as played live) , sounds like guests will be a bigger part of this campaign. here will still be an aftershow, but it looks like we'll only get 3 shows a month, which adds room for new content. 


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This was a pleasant surprise.. a full campaign set in Critical Role's Exandria.. wonder if that half-orc looking woman with blue skin on the cover could be the child of anyone we know..?


The greed of mortals has awakened a powerful entity long thought destroyed. For eons, this mighty champion of the gods has been imprisoned in the darkest depths of Exandria. His name has been forgotten, as have his heroic deeds. Languishing in despair, he calls out for new heroes to save him.

Inspired by the campaigns of the hit series Critical Role, this adventure begins in the Wastes of Xhorhas and leads to the glimmering oasis-city of Ank’Harel on the continent of Marquet, and from there into a sunken realm of gloom, corruption, and sorrow known as the Netherdeep. Above it all, the red moon of Ruidus watches, twisting the fates of those who have the power to shape the course of history.


Call of the Netherdeep contains seven chapters of thrilling adventure spanning 224 pages for characters levels 3-12, as well as new creatures, magic items, and NPCs. While Call of the Netherdeep introduces previously unexplored regions of Exandria, it also features story hooks and lore that can be plucked from our world and brought into whatever world your party adventures in.

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That set is unbelievably good. Having followed CR for a long while now and seeing how they have grown as a group and as an artistic entity/company has been amazing.


Liam said it perfectly


They are creators in charge of their own creation.


And that is a very rare thing. They have a strong fan following that supports them in their creations and they can do almost what they like. I am a heartless cynic and always assume everyone is out for what they can get but I think this is a creative endeavour where they are ploughing in the cash they get from fans directly to make their vision realised.

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Marisha deserves more credit for everything she's done for the show/channel/company.. She's been the driving force behind CR both in growing the brand, but also in terms of content and production quality.. A big chunk of that Twitch money has clearly been invested right back into the studio equipment and sets. :D

What I am hoping they have managed is an improved/closer battlemap camera.. it's often been quite difficult to properly see the layout during fights.


It'll be very interesting to see what we get in that monthly slot where it's 'something other than the regular campaign' (though we probably won't see that begin until next year.)


With the races/classes/subclasses in 5e being pretty extensive by now, there are so many fun choices.. can't wait to see what everyone went for..

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Unexpected twists already... the location and the overall vibe is very different so far.. liking it!



ADDITIONAL - Like @DoctorShark mentioned below, it's a little odd to have a new campaign, but not all new characters.. However they did previously state that this campaign would be different and that could mean we see characters swapping in and out with guests - possibly side quests being spun off into EXU style short campaigns etc..


If they weren't designed as their permanent characters, I'm sure Fearne will remain as Ashley is very attached to her (and she's possibly her best character already!)
Not certain if Liam staying with Orym for too long, while he's quite effective, fghter is very simple mechanically and it feels like there's not much to him, but Liam has never been one for shallow characters, there's got to be something there..
Robbie is a great addition - he was one of the best things about EXU, but he's already been credited as a guest..
I'm guessing Dorian and possibly Orym will head back to meet up with the others once their task is done while Fearne will find a reason to stay on..

Likewise it feels like Bertrand won't be here for long (he is getting on a bit..) and may just be a way of Matt dropping a few early quests for the group before Travis announces his actual character.


Of the new characters, there's only Imogen (Laura) I'm finding a bit underwhelming so far.. maybe it's just weird seeing Laura timid and withdrawn after the forces of nature that were Vex and Jester..
Sam (as usual) has delivered what could be just a joke character, but with him there's always going to be some depth there too.. there's the loss of his former party (but I imagine they will end up looking into that before too long..) The new flask is magnificent!
I like Ashton - he seems the most like Taliesen playing a version of himself though and of course he's managed to find a way to troll the cosplayers even harder than he did with Molly last time..
Standout so far is definitely Laudna, Marisha is having a ball playing up her seemingly undead creepiness. Given Whitestone was her home, she could be a citizen turned by the Briarwoods, or she could even be a De Rolo or a Briarwood? Either way , she's using the Undead Patron introduced in the recent Curse of Strahd expansion (Van Richten's Guide.)


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I have to say I’m slightly disappointed. 



Liam and Ashley playing their ExU characters instead of something new. Perhaps it’s just a transitional thing and they’ll swap to their “proper” characters in a few episodes. 


Travis playing his Search for Grog character - that has to be a red herring as he’s higher level for some reason. Guessing he’ll also swap to his proper character. 

Glad to see Robbie back but don’t think he’ll be a permanent addition to the table. 

Not sure how much mileage Sam is going to get from playing a robotic Ted Lasso cleric. 

Really liking Marisha’s creepy witch character so far. A link to the Briarwoods, perhaps? 


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Episode 01 - The Draw of Destiny


Disparate souls collide in the mountain spires of Jrusar when three different groups of adventurers meet during a battle against an unusual array of enemies...


Characters and Stats - spoilered for now..




Imogen Temult - (Laura Bailey) - Human Sorcerer

Seems to have a strong psychic bias to her powers.. Abberrant mind subclass? That has a lot of crossover spells with Warlock..

Quiet and reserved Laura feels all wrong, so hopefully Imogen will become more outgoing in the new party..


Laudna - (Marisha Ray) - Human (?) Warlock/Sorcerer

Hilariously creepy, with several very interesting (and icky) talents, she seems to have the Hollow One sorcerous gift and some form of undead warlock patron...


Ashton Greymoore (Taliesin Jaffe) - Earth Genasi Barbarian

Definitely a modified subclass (Path of Fundamental Chaos) - we have something like the Wild Magic Barbarian, but with even more interesting and varied skills.. Earth Genasi gives him a very useful once a day 'Pass Without A Trace' spell..


Fresh Cut Grass (Sam Riegal) - Automaton Cleric

An all new race AND a custom subclass by the look of things.. Sam's playing him cheery and chipper. FCG has an interesting ability to take damage for others and varied interchangeable weapons.. (just don't ask how he got his name..) :lol:


Fearne Calloway (Ashley Johnson) - Faun Druid

A pretty scary mix of chaotic and whimsical, Fearne is a Wildfire Druid who found a Fire Spirit familiar which usually manifests in the form of a monkey she has named 'Little Mister'..


Orym (Liam O'Brien) - Halfling Fighter

Not the most interesting character or build (so far) but Orym is very effective in combat as a Battlemaster Fighter.. He's from the Air Ashari, the tribe Keyleth (Marisha's character from Campaign 1) leads..


Dorian Storm (Robbie Daymond) - Air Genasi Bard

Robbie is listed as a guest player, hopefully he'll be around for a while though as Dorian is a great addition to the group.. His bardic path appears to be the combat focused College of Swords..


Sir Bertrand Bell (Travis Willingham) - Human Fighter

Previously seen in specials at the end of Campaign 1 Bertrand has felt the years chip away at his skills - (explaining his drop to lv5 from lv18.)

A braggart and egotist but seemingly lacking the courage to make good on his boasts..




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I think Robbie is great - I really hope he sticks around, at least for a while. I have no idea how complicated running sessions for 8 people is but it’s Matt mercer - if anyone can do it, it’s him! 

Ive also seen it confirmed that Liam and Ashley are indeed playing their ExU characters “permanently” - ExU was a bit of a back door pilot for them to test them out and they both decided they wanted to see how their stories evolved. 

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Two episodes in and I'm really liking the mix.

They've already moved out of the initial groups they were introduced with to partner up differently for the stakeout..

But it's clear being back at the table properly is a huge boost for them all. They all seem to be having a ton of fun already..

Ashley especially - she feels more in character already than she did in the entire other campaigns..

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