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Abandoned - Indie horror game or KOJIMA?


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It's all so dramatic and convoluted, a 'realtime experience' app with an 'opening teaser'. 


If it's not Kojima related and they are just cashing in on the conspiracy then the backlash from the Kojimaciples will surely outweigh anything about it that turns out to be any good. 

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50 minutes ago, Alex W. said:

I wonder what the blurry text across the eye line of that gruff man with an eye patch says.


It's deliberately blurred text. I thought it might say something like "A Hideo Kojima Game - With Norm Walkie Dead and Del Trotter". 

So on a hunch I ran it through a text cleaner software, like what they use on CSI and all that.


Spoilers ahead.





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Hmm, seems to be only visible on the PS5 itself. I am also not able to find it via the online store.



PS5 - Abandoned shows as a downloadable app

store.playstation.com - 0 results

PS App (on iPhone) - Abandoned shows an an Add On without a release date set


So yeah, check it out on PS5 and download the app.

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It's weird to see. Reminds me of rabid Nintendo fans expecting a plethora of announcements from a Nintendo Direct that Nintendo directly described as a small presentation and being annoyed and disappointed when they did not get what they were never going to get.




I'm open for anything really, let's see.

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I really, really don't want to get sucked into this, but...


I just don't get the whole app/ its not working thing. I thought Sony has to certify that anything on the store works? How can this be released when its effectively saying its nothing more than an open shell for them to push content to? 


Its either one of the most annoying ARG's yet or, more likely, a bit of a cluster-fuck that I'm amazed Sony just sat back and allowed.

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