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Football Thread 2021/2022


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13 hours ago, Silent Runner said:

A mistake that might cost his team the Seria A title. 


Buffon did exactly the same for Parma on Monday, too (but he was further out). Tried to play with his left foot, glanced the ball and then lost the foot race. Bad week for goalkeepers in Italy. 

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I'm also miffed that Palace aren't allowed to wear a badge commemorating their (long forgotten 3rd cup) Zenith Data Sytems cup win from 1991, an equally pointless achievement.


(4-1 vs Everton at Wembley, my first trip there)

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18 hours ago, layten said:




Yeah, it does, except for the fact that it's photoshopped.  Sorry.




It was posted by someone called "Kop Craftsman" which is a bit of a clue.  :sherlock:



This is such a tiny hill to die on, but @Fry Crayolaand @Chewylegs I have further proof that this is a sham.




This was clearly taken a few seconds before or after the photoshopped one.  You can tell by the positions of the various gluttons for punishment fans you can see in the two images, the stewards, etc.


I know what you're going to say - this is actually the photoshopped one, in which case I say this to you - sod off.  :lol:


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Huge day in the Challenge League today. FcSchaffhausen play FcWinterthur away, it's our derby. It's derby game number 124, and it might just be the most important game in history... Because currently, Winterthur top the league followed by Schaffhausen, who are 1 point behind. And there are only 5 games left... It's the biggest chance for promotion into the highest Swiss league both teams have had for a decade or so... 

The stadium is sold out (capacity of 9500), and the family and I as well as some friends are going to spend the night in the guest sector. Should be fun... 

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And back (hungover) and awake again. Wonderful match - Schaffhausen took the lead after something like 8 minutes, but Winterthur drew level in the second half after a very very suspicious penalty. Never a penalty, I didn't even see a foul. But then again I didn't see a whole lot of anything. 🙂

1-1 doesn't really help us, but there are 4 games to go and still 4-5 teams with promotion hopes

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