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Football Thread 2021/2022


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4 minutes ago, Stopharage said:

That Havertz finish is up there with the very best of the season. Utterly sublime. 


As great as it is, it can't beat the reaction to the Yarmalenko goal. Try and watch that without welling up. For all its many faults, I love football. 


Newcastle deserved the penalty earlier, and it has been filthy from both sides. As good a goal as it was, undeserved win. 

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It's almost like pulling attacking players off to replace them with defensive ones nvites pressure, particularly if you've squandered a hatful of chances. If you attack, you keep the other team under pressure and you can score. Anyone know any coaches wedded to this idea?


Jesus Christ I am too old for this. I think preferred being resigned to it 

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1 hour ago, Scruff said:

Villa taking over the shithouse title from Burnley it seems. Everytime they were breathed on they went over, except when they were in the final 6 mins with a chance of a draw; funny that.


We haven't done anything like what the Villa #31 did in the lead up to the second West Ham goal.

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8 hours ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

And now for something completely different



It’s for speeding offences. 

My phone’s auto correct initially changed that sentence to ‘It’s for speeding over bed’ which would have made an interesting addition to the gay brass allegations. 

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1 minute ago, Plissken said:

Someone should tell them that they aren’t banned from attending the match for sanctions reasons but because their away following was recently acting like a bunch of fucking cunts.

In that case the ban would be enforced in perpetuity. 

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