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Football Thread 2021/2022


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4 minutes ago, Fry Crayola said:

That decision not to pull Ronaldo up as offside is modern football at its most stupid.

Oh man that was bad. I thought once play is dead it becomes offside. Turns out you can get a corner instead. Awful rule. 

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54 minutes ago, Plissken said:

The Chelsea fans giving it the big "HOOOF!" when Man Utd clear their lines and it turns into a goal is quite amusing.


Never forget Arsenal fling similar to Liverpool and Robbie Keane scoring.

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6 hours ago, JamesTW said:

DFB Pokal winner 2011 

There was a bit on Sky yesterday (which I saw on YouTube today) about why looking at his trophy alone isn't an indicator of his quality, and the chap who covered the Bundeslegia said he stepped away not long after and took a break, then came back in a different role, else he thought he would've gone on to do more.

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1 hour ago, feltmonkey said:

He's probably the best there's ever been, but he's not really been the best in the world over the last twelve months, has he?


Yeah? He still tops all goals/assists/chances created/dribbles etc rankings.







Dunno what his numbers at PSG would be though...-_-


Who would people pick? 


It's a shame Lewandowski couldn't get one after he was denied last year. 

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