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Zelda 35th Anniversary Game & Watch. Available to pre-order.

Mr Do 71

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28 minutes ago, Camel said:

How does that translate to 10 or 20 quid?


12 minutes ago, phillv85 said:

I assumed it's the take out an Amazon Mastercard, but I just checked and that's £30 for me.....


It's only for people who've got a Visa credit card on their account. If they follow Amazon's instructions, they'll get £10/£20 depending on being a Prime member for changing the card to something else.

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19 hours ago, phillv85 said:

VISA Europe is now owned by Americans and the legislation capping max fees went with Brexit, so obviously VISA is taking the piss and has hiked their fees five fold.


Amazon of all companies have said enough is enough and now refuse to take VISA credit cards (debit cards are still usable).


Ahhh I presume that is why my bank changed my visa credit card to a MasterCard? Americans gonna American I guess. How long till Mastercard and others follow suit tho I wonder?

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On 14/11/2021 at 19:47, LaveDisco said:

Quick notice for those who've got one, there's a slip of paper with a code for £3's worth of Gold Points. Mine got stuck inside the box so missed it to begin with.


Have you used yours? I can’t work out how to add them to my account. I’ve tried redeeming the code on MyNintendo and in the eShop without success.



Sorted it now. It was opening my account page in a new tab when asking me to log in. A cheeky refresh on the Zelda page brought up a redeem code box once I was logged in properly. 

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