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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania!


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I picked this up in the recent eshop sale, and I like it. The first game is an all time great, the second one was ok, and then I fell away from the series after Deluxe was a bit of a mess - I did try one of the Wii ones for a bit, but the less said about that the better. I didn't pick this up originally because the no lives progression sounded like it would kill the game stone dead for me, but even though I would still prefer it to be how it was, in actuality the new way probably fits better with how I tend to play games these days. You  can pick it up for 10 minutes, knock off a few levels, then get back to something else, instead of losing an evening trying to get through hard mode without losing a life to finally unlock the last extra levels.


I'm trying not to use the right stick to move the camera, I might be wrong but I'm sure you used to have to subtly move the ball to change the camera angle, so just having it on the right stick feels like cheating. I also haven't tried the mini games yet, so I haven't experienced the butchered Monkey Target, but the physics feel OK to me. I will say that I haven't played any Monkey Ball in about 15 years, however, so I've no real frame of reference.

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