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Forza Horizon 5

Mr Do 71

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Just now, Fletch said:


What was ahead of it? Can't have been that 959 as it was slower than the F40. 

Even as a teen I knew that the extra top speed didn’t matter. The F40 was great brute force but the 959 was an engineering work of art.

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35 minutes ago, g wings said:

Even when it was new the F40 was only the second best supercar around…






21 minutes ago, Boothjan said:

Roll out...



It's getting to the point now where I have to stop for a bit and try to work out what's a real photo vs an in-game one.

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Right, now I've got far enough to not be spoiled.


One point that isn't really made is, stop worrying about winning races, you get shit all for it.  3/4 of the points are in doing the race. I've the difficulty set so I usually get blattered but 5 minutes racing for 6th is great.


It is weird though that a game that doesn't care generally if you win races, that has the best accessibility settings of anything , locks its best stuff behind races that force you to use unbeatable difficulty and win.


Eventlab is transformative and the new story focus is much better but outside those two it's my least favourite Horizon probably, they've dialed back the clothes so it's now "Brown" or "About 3 near identical legendaries".  There's fewer houses, the forzathon replacement might as well not exist and my personal view is the map is dull with huge great desert sections.


And the things they've never fixed get worse most notably for me those stories are great but in way too many of them you have to ignore the route and point the car straight at the sign which ends the application of skill and turns all of them into "Drive straight until you hit something you couldn't see or it turns out that tree/fence is arbitrarily invincible then rewind and repeat 1 foot to the left until win".


I've still never seen the actual thing I'm supposed to photograph in any of the photo stories because you enter the big wide search area and immediately hammer photomode and take a photo of nothing, which counts.  Why do you not arrive as normal then get a chance to take a lovely framed photo with the characters in?


The map filters still turn themselves off.


And then there's a couple of new ones.


The game forces itself into chase view because it thinks it knows better than you at the start of every adventure.


There's fewer showcases now and they're even more pointless "You'll auto win if you finish it" ones.


I dunno, it just feels we're rapidly reaching the point they need to think about a few things like they're clearly doing for the main series.

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Speaking of, if anyone's struggling with the Dardevil part of the weekly challenge go to solo mode.


Not gonna lie, not having to dodge traffic in online mode when doing speed cameras and the like is currently bliss. Doing any of that shit with the traffic density in solo is a pain.

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Fixed an issue where the Lugar Tranquilo player home could become locked again after having purchased it


Oh, so *that's* what happened.  (I got the castle and wondered why the achievement didn't pop.  And I had to a) repurchase that home and b) despite having 230 promo photos, the 200 photo achievement hasn't popped either.)

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18 minutes ago, Dudley said:


Which as usual the xbox hasn't bothered to background download despite my settings so I'm not playing tonight.


Same here. Just got in from work, hoping to have nice cold beer and make a start on the new TT stuff from @Boozy The Clown but no, patch hasn't downloaded. So now I've got to wait an hour while it does so. 


D'you think it could be something to do with quick resume being active that has prevented it from remote downloading? 

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